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" Illegal Migration"
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Egypt - Politics
10/17/2016 5:28:11 PM
The new law puts tough penalties on smugglers, establishes an anti-illegal ‎migration and human trafficking committee and sets up fund to support victims
Egypt - Politics
10/11/2016 5:06:19 PM
Egypt - Politics
9/24/2016 9:13:49 PM
The Egyptian president mandated the the government finalise procedures related to approving a law that combats 'illegal migration'
Egypt - Politics
8/14/2016 10:00:00 AM
The illegal migrants were from Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, Comoros, Somalia and Eritrea
Egypt - Politics
11/25/2015 8:20:35 PM
The new law stipulates heavy penalties, including prison sentences with hard labour, for those convicted of taking part in the process of smuggling illegal immigrants
Egypt - Politics
10/12/2015 8:54:54 PM
Egyptian armed forces also seized 10.5 tonnes of narcotics in September
Egypt - Politics
7/16/2015 9:40:31 PM
The Sudanese citizens were arrested in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate while attempting to illegally immigrate to Italy
Egypt - Politics
5/25/2015 11:40:40 AM
Five people were found dead on a Mediterranean beach
Egypt - Politics
1/9/2015 4:01:28 PM
Following their escape, the fishermen were reported missing in the Mediterranean Sea due to poor weather conditions
Egypt - Politics
12/6/2014 10:53:12 AM
One hundred were arrested Saturday while attempting to enter Libya illegally — the latest in frequent flows of illegal migrants to the North African state
Egypt - Politics
10/30/2014 9:47:27 PM
Nearly 20 Arab nationals - including 12 women and children - were trying to escape to Italy in a fishing boat off the coast of Alexandria
Egypt - Politics
1/3/2014 1:13:59 PM
The immigrants, including 30 women and 42 minors, mainly hail from Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan and Tunisia
World - Region
12/17/2013 11:32:19 AM
World - Region
12/16/2013 1:09:43 PM
World - International
10/19/2013 5:17:34 PM
Illegal migration debate in France flares as President Hollande attempts to placate left-wing allies with compromise
World - Region
10/13/2013 5:03:12 PM
Libyan authorities seek aid from European Union to help curb illegal migration
World - Region
10/7/2013 1:18:58 PM
Excavators began digging foundations in Nusaybin on the border district 10 km north of the Syrian town of Qamishli, where Kurds, rebel units and Arab tribes have regularly clashed and illegally crossed over into Turkey
Egypt - Politics
9/10/2013 4:21:29 PM
The legislation committee at the Ministry of Justice has drafted a new law dealing with trafficking and illegal migration
Egypt - Politics
8/11/2013 3:10:57 PM
Boat transporting illegal migrants hits sandbar close to the shore of Italy, six Egyptians drown
World - International
8/10/2013 10:10:51 PM
Boat bearing 100 illegal migrants, mostly Syrians and minors, runs aground off coast of Sicily, drowning six on board
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