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Business - Economy
1/14/2018 7:00:00 PM
The government aims to preserve Egypt’s international reserves at their current level despite its obligations to repay billions of dollars in foreign debt in 2018
Business - Economy
4/6/2015 11:11:41 AM
Egypt's net international reserves stood at $15.5 billion at the end of February
Business - Economy
12/7/2014 7:17:43 PM
Egypt has returned most of a $3bn loan from Qatar received during Mohamed Morsi's rule
Business - Economy
11/6/2014 12:55:15 PM
Business - Economy
10/9/2014 3:56:48 PM
Foreign reserves will be tested when Egypt returns large sums to Qatar given during presidential term of Mohamed Morsi
Business - Economy
2/6/2014 2:24:38 PM
Net international reserves rise for first time in five months due to a $2 billion deposit from Saudi Arabia
Business - Economy
1/6/2014 7:58:10 PM
Net International Reserves currently stand at $17.032 billion, Central Bank of Egypt announces
Business - Economy
12/4/2013 1:21:00 PM
Central Bank of Egypt has returned a $3 billion deposit to Qatar, says governor Hisham Ramez; net international reserves dip slightly in November
Business - Economy
7/7/2013 2:02:54 PM
After two consecutive months of rise, Egypt's net international reserves resume decline in June, reaching $14.9 billion
Business - Economy
6/6/2013 6:12:50 PM
Foreign aid lifelines boost Egypt's net international reserves for second time since March, after hitting record low of $13.4 billion
Business - Economy
5/8/2013 2:18:42 PM
Net international reserves increase by $1 billion in April to $14.4 billion thanks to Libyan cash deposits at Egypt's central bank
Business - Economy
1/1/2013 12:14:19 PM
The International Monetary Fund welcomes measures taken by the Central Bank of Egypt to maintain tighter control over foreign currency supply in order to safeguard nation's international reserves
Business - Economy
8/7/2012 7:10:53 PM
Net international reserves in July fall to some $14.42 bn, down $1.1 bn on previous month
Business - Economy
1/12/2012 6:59:30 PM
Bank denies media reports the ex-president pocketed money donated by other Arab nations, saying the relevant funds are part of Egypt's international reserves and remain the property of state
Business - Economy
10/12/2011 12:23:22 PM
Economic commentators in Damascus claim Assad's embattled regime has dig much deeper into its foreign currency reserves than previously claimed in a bid to counter falling tax and oil revenues
Business - Economy
7/5/2011 4:12:28 PM
International reserves reached $26.56 billion but the rate of depletion is slowing, comparing well to previous months
Business - Economy
6/23/2011 6:30:14 PM
The International Energy Agency will release will release 2 million barrels per day over the next 30 days to make up for the loss of Libyan exports
Business - Economy
6/8/2011 6:13:35 PM
Foreign reserves dropped $800 million in May against $2 billion the month before; this slowdown in currency decline can be a good or bad sign depending on what triggers it, say experts
Business - Economy
6/8/2011 12:45:48 PM
Country's drop in foreign reserves slowed in May, as Egypt lost less than half the amount shed between April and March
Business - Economy
4/20/2011 3:30:58 PM
Egypt is negotiating the easing of its foreign debt payments as the economy contracts 6 per cent and foreign exchange resources are shrinking, says finance minster
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