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World - Region
11/20/2011 7:32:00 PM
Iranian president's press aide is slapped with one-year jail term for publishing articles said to be 'offensive to public decency'
World - Region
11/19/2011 2:54:54 PM
The Iranian army is conducting a four-day training exercise to test its defences, amid rising international tensions over Iran's nuclear programme
World - Region
11/19/2011 2:50:24 PM
Maamoun Al-Homsi says, in an exclusive interview, he believes that uniting the opposition is the only way to face the 'Shia occupation' of Syria, a reference to Tehran and pro-Iranians in Iraq
World - Region
11/19/2011 10:07:10 AM
The UN General Assembly votes for a resolution that pushes for an investigation into the accusations against Iran that it plotted to assassinate the Saudi envoy to the US; Iranian rep responds with shock
World - Region
11/14/2011 4:21:44 PM
Iranians traveling to Israel could go to prison for up to five years instead of only three months, after Iran's parliament revised an existing ban for such trips
World - Region
11/13/2011 3:22:39 PM
A senior Iranian General responsible for industrial research aimed at ensuring self-sufficiency of the Revolutionary Guards killed in munitions blast that hit an Iranian military unit early this week
World - Region
11/12/2011 3:11:00 PM
A massive explosion hit a Revolutionary Guards base in the west of the Iranian capital on Saturday, killing 27 people,
Arts & Culture - Visual Art
11/11/2011 5:52:44 PM
The work of more than a dozen influential artists from the Middle East, including Ahmed Mostafa from Egypt, offers a rare glimpse into the contemporary Arab and Iranian artistic calligraphy
World - Region
11/10/2011 12:40:22 PM
Amid worsening Iranian-Western relations, America's Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney unveils a hardliner foreign strategy against Iran if he reaches the White House
Business - Economy
11/8/2011 3:38:57 PM
Markets keep eye on European debt crisis and global tensions ahead of UN's Iranian atomic bomb findings
World - Region
11/8/2011 2:59:46 PM
Iranian official warns the US of retaliation, if the US carries out targeted attacks on Iranian military commanders
World - Region
11/7/2011 1:39:48 PM
Recent Israeli and Iranian rhetoric raises questions over the possibility of a unilateral strike against Iran, such as the one carried out on an Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981 during Menachem Begin's premiership
World - Region
11/7/2011 12:07:03 PM
Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the US and Israel are preparing to attack his country due to its increasing global influence
World - Region
11/3/2011 3:24:49 PM
Missile attack simulation is staged in Israeli cities as speculation mounts over Israel's plan to strike Iranian nuclear installations, while leaders claim the drill was planned beforehand
World - Region
11/1/2011 6:11:10 PM
The Iranian parliament votes against the removal Ahmadinejad's minister of economy Shamseddin Hosseini, avoiding intensifying tensions between parliament and government
World - Region
10/31/2011 6:19:24 PM
Iran has formally complained to the US over claims the Iranian government was involved in an alleged plot to kill Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States
World - Region
10/30/2011 5:19:06 PM
Qatar's prime minister say that the only way to solve the Saudi Iranian political crisis is the dialogue between the two countries
World - Region
10/29/2011 4:26:11 PM
Iranian government hails Tunisia's election results, saying that Tehran and Tunis would soon exchange official visits
Arts & Culture - Film
10/29/2011 12:36:36 PM
Iranian actress Marzieh Vafamehr was released from prison Monday after her sentence was overturned by an appeals court, Amnesty International reports
Arts & Culture - Visual Art
10/28/2011 3:05:33 PM
During the two day Modern and Contemporary Arab, Iranian and Turkish Art auction organised by Christie's in Dubai, a painting by Mahmoud Said sold for over half a million dollars
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