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1/26/2013 2:24:00 PM
The move by the Iraqi parliament to limit Maliki's time in power came after his opponents failed last year to push a motion of no confidence through parliament
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12/22/2012 12:54:02 PM
A day after Iraqi finance minister's guards were held on terrorism charges, a new crisis emerges and threatens to reignite a long-running feud between the secular, Sunni-backed Iraqiya bloc & Shiite PM Nuri al-Maliki
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12/20/2012 8:39:42 PM
As Iraqi politicians wish President Jalal Talabani a quick recovery, talk is already turning to his potential departure; Prime Minister Maliki is more likely expected to gain more political space
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6/4/2012 4:05:45 PM
The Iraqi powerful Shiite cleric Moqtada Al-Sadr and the secular Sunni-backed Iraqiya bloc make new calls concerning a no-confidence vote against Nuri Al-Maliki and describe the country's premier as a 'dictator'
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6/3/2012 12:55:56 PM
A top Iraqi Shiite cleric says it is 'forbidden by Islam' to vote for secular individuals as the secular, Sunni-backed Iraqiya bloc presses the President to initiate of cote of no confidence in Shiite PM
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4/28/2012 5:58:58 PM
Iraqi leaders urge Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki to enhance the democratic process to find a solution to the month-long political crisis involving various politicians and parties
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4/4/2012 2:54:55 PM
Iraqi speaker of the Parliament says that National reconciliation meeting is delayed until the political powers signs to reach a deal to end the four political crisis
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4/4/2012 10:51:53 AM
At least five people are killed and ten wounded in a bomb attack that targeted the local police chief in Baghdad near the town of Dhuluiyah
World - Region
2/7/2012 2:36:39 PM
Ministers from the Iraqiya bloc end a Cabinet boycott that began in December amid a crisis with the Shia-led government
World - Region
2/1/2012 1:13:56 PM
Suicide bomb targets convoy of Iraqi MP Qais Al-Shadhr, leader of Al-Wataniyun bloc in parliament; 5 civilians wounded
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1/31/2012 5:38:41 PM
Iraq's Iraqiya bloc returns to parliament ending a boycott in protest at the government's centralisation of power; it will take part in the discussion of legislation proposed by the president
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1/29/2012 4:43:06 PM
World - Region
1/24/2012 11:20:24 AM
Fresh attacks targeting Baghdad's Shia community kill ten people and injure 38, while fears grow that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is seeking to marginalise Sunni-backed political bloc
World - Region
1/20/2012 2:34:59 PM
Iraqi security forces arrest the deputy governor in charge of investment, Ghadban Al-Khazraji, on terrorism charges
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1/17/2012 1:04:05 PM
Analysts play down the risk of civil war in Iraq after US withdrawal, identifying the real challenge as reining in political discord
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12/24/2011 11:44:04 AM
The Sunni vice president, wanted for allegedly running a hit squad in Iraq, accuses Shiite Prime Minister al-Maliki of waging campaign against Sunnis and pushing the country toward sectarian war
World - Region
12/21/2011 12:58:54 PM
In another episode of the political crisis, Iraqi prime minister threatens to replace ministers from the Sunni-backed Iraqiya bloc if they continued to boycott the national unity cabinet meetings
World - Region
12/20/2011 2:18:57 PM
Iraqi leaders call for urgent talks to head off a worsening political crisis after authorities issued an arrest warrant for the Sunni vice president on anti-terror charges
World - Region
12/20/2011 11:11:58 AM
Just a day after US troops left Iraq, the Arab country faces a political tsunami as its top leaders indulge in settling of scores
World - Region
12/18/2011 11:57:55 AM
Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki calls on lawmakers to withdraw confidence from one of his deputies, a Sunni Arab who described him on television as "worse than Saddam Hussein"
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