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World - Region
12/14/2012 5:24:10 PM
Meat cleaver-wielding Salafists attack hotel bar in Tunisian city of Subaytilah in growing struggle between ultra-conservative Muslims and their more secular-minded compatriots
World - Region
12/13/2012 2:33:37 PM
Protesting the trial of almost 300 people charged with plotting to depose of Prime Minister Erdogan's Islamist government, secularist demonstrators are met with police batons and pepper spray
World - Region
12/2/2012 6:51:29 PM
In Tunisia, protesters angry over unemployment and harsh police measures call for the fall of new Islamist rulers
World - Region
11/29/2012 1:43:52 PM
More than 250 Tunisian protesters were injured following clashes against security forces in a the southwestern town of Siliana, revealing public anger against socio-economic failures of the Islamist-led government in Tunisia
World - Region
10/30/2012 3:12:13 PM
Court fines blogger and activist Sofiane Chourabi for drunkenness and indecency, which he argues aimed at 'intimidating opponents' of Tunisia's Islamist government
World - Region
10/29/2012 2:06:34 PM
Thousands of secular Turks march into the streets of the capital Ankara to celebrate the Republic Day, challenging a ban imposed by the Islamist government
World - Region
10/22/2012 8:20:36 PM
More than 2,000 anti-government protesters march against the Ennahda cabinet to denounce political violence on the eve of Tunisia's first free elections which brought the Islamists into office
World - Region
10/17/2012 4:26:25 PM
Tunisian journalists have gone on strike as they accuse the Islamist-led government of limiting press freedom and controlling media groups
World - Region
10/8/2012 3:44:05 PM
Tunisian journalists end their hunger strike over the Islamist government interference in their Dar Essabah press group as they will start negotiation tomorrow with state authorities
Egypt - Politics
9/30/2012 11:41:52 AM
President Morsi travels to Turkey on Sunday to strengthen emerging alliance between two moderate Islamist governments with focus likely to be on economy and Syria
Business - Economy
9/21/2012 4:08:21 PM
An Islamist government will have no effect on the bikini and beer holidays currently on offer at Egyptian resorts, says tourism minister
World - Region
8/29/2012 3:03:42 PM
A Tunisian media rights watchdog slams the restrictions imposed by the Islamist government on state media and calls for 'urgent need' of reform
World - Region
7/6/2012 6:28:58 PM
There is no single party within the government that controls or censors what the media publish, Tunisia's Islamist government responds to accusations concerning such issue
Books - Arab
7/1/2012 1:57:03 PM
Islamist governments which were swept to power in the Arab Spring uprisings must ensure that democracy becomes firmly rooted across the region, novelist Amin Maalouf said on Friday
World - International
4/19/2012 6:38:09 PM
Turkish police pulled in a top retired general along with several fellow officers for questioning over their role in the overthrow of Turkey's first Islamist government in 1997
Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
4/12/2012 1:38:43 PM
For secular Moroccans, a decision by the Islamist government that public television be banned from screening gambling ads and forced to broadcast the call to prayer, five times a day, is deeply worrying
Business - Economy
4/1/2012 1:15:13 PM
Rabat is forced to revise its growth rate and budget promises amid rising oil prices, inflation and a downturn in foreign investment
World - Region
2/26/2012 3:34:50 PM
In her final station of a Maghreb tour, Hillary Clinton holds talks with her Moroccan counterpart of the Islamist government and praises the talent and creativity of the people in the region
Egypt - Politics
10/26/2011 5:27:12 PM
Expert in Islamic movements, whose work appeared in this organ among other places, had faith that an Islamist government would not spring forth in Egypt out of the January 25 revolution
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