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World - International
2/14/2013 9:50:06 PM
British Foreign Secretary William Hague says war-torn Syria had become the "number one destination" for jihadists and Islamic extremists from around the world
World - Region
1/5/2013 10:18:46 AM
Salva Kiir and Omar al-Bashir are set to meet on Saturday in a summit in Addis Ababa; the latest of repeated rounds of African Union-mediated talks between the former civil war foes
World - Region
12/27/2012 4:34:03 PM
South Sudanese 'armed groups' clash with Arab tribesmen in the Khartoum-Juba disputed region of Samaha
World - Region
12/14/2012 5:20:25 PM
Defense minister Abdelrahim Mohamed Hussein blames Juba for backing the insurgents
World - Region
12/6/2012 3:21:38 PM
Police says Diing Chan Awuol, a South Sudanese anti-government journalist, was shot dead by unidentified men in his home
World - Region
11/26/2012 5:37:30 PM
Khartoum is hindering Juba's ability to pump oil to Red Sea, South Sudanese President Salva Kiir alleges on Monday
World - Region
11/5/2012 12:31:37 PM
Rights groups are recommending that South Sudan suspend executions of death penalties, claiming the states' current legal system doesn't guarantee "basic rights" of people sentenced to death
Business - Economy
10/18/2012 1:13:06 PM
Oil is to start flowing again after Khartoum and Juba agree to end hostilities
Business - Economy
10/13/2012 11:22:38 AM
Building state institutions and infrastructure are vital if the world's newest nation wants to benefit from its sizeable oil and agricultural reserves, says report
Business - Economy
9/28/2012 5:41:50 PM
Final agreement gives both sides right to monitor production levels but fails to set price Juba should pay for formerly Khartoum-owned oil facilities
World - Region
9/22/2012 2:51:21 PM
With pressure building from all angles for a peace deal, representatives of Juba and Khartoum are in Addis Ababa for a summit Sunday; observing diplomats are not optimistic
Business - Economy
9/21/2012 5:01:02 PM
Beijing buys 14,000 tonnes with more to come if this weekend's Juba-Khartoum talks bring an end to hostilities
Business - Economy
9/19/2012 3:07:28 PM
Crude production will take up to a year to reach full capacity, with IMF loans needed to fill the gap, says official
Business - Economy
9/3/2012 10:07:27 AM
After five months halt due to a dispute over the status of South Sudanese living in the north, direct flights between Juba and Khartoum resume
Business - Economy
8/31/2012 1:50:45 PM
Damage to facilities during border fighting mean further delays in production, says oil minister
Business - Economy
8/18/2012 12:03:11 PM
Chinese support may help finally build South Sudan's long sought airport in Juba
Business - Economy
8/10/2012 1:35:13 PM
Buoyed by oil deal with Khartoum, Africa's newest nation is planning road links with both its northern neighbour and Kenya
World - Region
8/3/2012 10:46:56 AM
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visits the South Sudanese capital Juba to express Washington's concern over the conflict between the two neighboring Sudanese states
World - Region
7/22/2012 11:41:04 PM
A spokesman for the South Sudanese delegation reveals the launching of a new round of African Union-brokered talks between Khartoum and Juba to settle the disputed files between both neighboring states
World - Region
7/9/2012 12:32:41 PM
South Sudan celebrates its first year of independence despite it has spent the past year wracked by border wars with the rump state of Sudan
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