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8/30/2011 1:12:47 PM
Between Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and a leaked UN report, Sudan is accused of deadly airstrikes, abductions and attacks on churches; prompting a humanitarian crisis that they ask Sudan to end
World - Region
8/23/2011 1:19:00 PM
Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir announces a two-week unilateral ceasefire in Southern Kordofan state,coming a week after the UN called for investigating violence and human rights abuses
World - Region
8/16/2011 2:01:24 PM
Sudan says a UN report claiming possible 'war crimes' in the state of South Kordofan is 'biased'
World - Region
8/15/2011 2:15:31 PM
The United Nations calls for a thorough probe into alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Sudan's South Kordofan region between June 5-30
World - Region
7/26/2011 5:23:38 PM
While North Sudan continues its military campaign in South Kordofan, governor Ahmed Harun insists the North is doing its best to keep the conflict brief and wants rebels at the negotiating table
World - Region
7/23/2011 3:21:33 PM
Leaders of Sudan's main opposition group, whose men are fighting government troops in South Kordofan, on Saturday rejected calls to disarm and said they would negotiate only via an outside third party
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7/16/2011 12:40:53 PM
World - Region
7/14/2011 12:45:53 PM
New satellite images support eyewitness accounts that mass graves were dug in the capital of Sudan's South Kordofan state to bury 100 or more people killed last month
World - Region
7/4/2011 3:20:39 PM
Sudan's President Al-Bashir is expected to give a speech during the celebration of the south’s upcoming cessation, but northern hostilities in South Kordofan have no end in sight
World - Region
6/22/2011 5:26:40 PM
US calls for immediate ceasefire in Sudan's South Kordofan, saying that parties of the conflict must allow humanitarian access to desperate people who have been driven from their homes
World - Region
6/21/2011 11:12:12 PM
While southern and northern delegates expressed rare positivism after agreements on Abyei and other disputed regions, economic problems still linger as well as the future of southerners in the north
World - Region
6/17/2011 5:04:28 PM
Clashes erupt between northern and southern forces near the Sudanese town of Agok at the southern tip of the Abyei region
World - Region
6/17/2011 1:29:29 PM
Sudanese tell their stories of suffering from the brutality of the fights in Kordofan
World - Region
6/15/2011 2:59:12 PM
Khartoum terrorised the already scattered residents at the southern border with airstrikes: UN says 64 were killed, exacerbating the ethnic infighting
World - Region
6/14/2011 7:28:48 PM
The UN refugee agency pleaded Tuesday for access to Sudan's volatile oil-producing border state of South Kordofan, where some premises of UN aid agencies had been looted
World - Region
6/14/2011 5:41:47 PM
Egyptian citizen tells Ahram Online how he miraculously fled the Sudanese city of Kadugli as intense fighting casts a long shadow over the Nuba Mountains, an area caught between north and south Sudan
World - Region
6/12/2011 12:52:09 PM
Embattled fighters in Sudan's flashpoint northern state of Southern Kordofan said on Sunday that they had shot down two northern army planes, claims denied by Khartoum
World - Region
6/10/2011 4:21:21 PM
Location and goal of air strikes by the Sudanese Armed Forces are contested as tensions between Sudan's north and south grow just weeks ahead of south's independence
World - Region
6/7/2011 3:21:00 PM
Sudan People's Liberation Movement accuses Khartoum of unilaterally setting-up security arrangements without consulting with it and calls for a joint agreement
World - Region
6/5/2011 1:59:04 PM
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