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Books -
2/1/2019 12:08:52 PM
It all started with an invitation to interview Libya's strongman, Muammar Gaddafi
Egypt - Politics
8/4/2018 6:20:04 PM
Multimedia -
5/1/2018 5:00:06 PM
Leftists, trade unionists and supporters mark the annual 1 May workers' celebration with rallies in various countries around the world
Opinion -
2/7/2018 9:10:47 PM
For leftists and liberals in Egypt to echo the boycott tune of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood is unacceptable, bordering on treason
Egypt - Politics
6/12/2017 10:46:08 PM
Parliament speaker Ali Abdel-Aal adjourned Monday morning discussions in committee on the deal to a closed-door meeting to be held Monday evening after heated disputes
World - Region
12/23/2015 9:00:19 PM
World - International
11/11/2015 5:59:18 PM
Opinion -
11/8/2015 9:04:22 PM
If democratic practice in Egypt is to gain a footing, its advocates must focus on issues of income and wealth. How else to make pluralism popular in a country where one quarter lives in abject poverty?
World - International
11/6/2015 9:33:03 PM
World - International
10/6/2015 9:19:47 PM
Egypt - Egypt Elections 2015
10/6/2015 6:45:22 PM
A lack of unity has undermined the left's efforts to contest the upcoming elections, with many from their ranks so cynical of the impending parliament's abilitiy to effect change they would rather not run at all
World - Region
8/20/2015 11:45:37 AM
World - International
7/30/2015 12:28:50 PM
World - Region
4/2/2015 12:18:17 PM
World - Region
4/1/2015 10:03:03 AM
World - Region
3/31/2015 7:47:58 PM
World - Region
4/25/2014 4:58:45 PM
Egypt - Politics
3/1/2014 11:00:00 PM
Pro-democracy figures express misgivings over the allegedly forced resignation of Egypt's transitional cabinet that had liberals and leftists in the vanguard
World - International
10/25/2013 4:00:19 PM
The Social Democrats (CSSD) topped pre-vote opinion polls but whether they will team up with the Communists or a breakout populist party remains unknown
Egypt - Politics
9/2/2013 1:18:05 PM
Salafist Nour Party says committee tasked with drafting new constitution is dominated by leftists and Nasserists, Islamists under-represented
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