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Heritage -
7/15/2019 2:17:50 PM
Measures to preserve Egypt’s right to control the sale of ancient Egyptian antiquities abroad are at last being taken following the sale of an ancient head in London
Egypt - Politics
7/9/2019 12:57:03 AM
NCAR said it would ask British government for more cooperation in preventing the export from Britain of Egyptian artefacts sold last week by Christies' before documentation of ownership is made available to Egypt
World - International
7/7/2019 2:29:38 PM
Egypt - Politics
7/4/2019 8:11:32 PM
Egypt - Politics
7/2/2019 9:10:46 PM
World - International
6/29/2019 5:17:41 PM
World - International
6/27/2019 8:55:45 PM
As the Tory leadership contest enters the final stretch, neither candidate vying to take over as UK prime minister appears to have a workable Brexit plan, writes Manal Lotfy from London
Egypt - Politics
6/22/2019 12:07:12 PM
Gamal Essam El-Din interviews Mohamed Fahmy, a former Al-Jazeera English journalist who has become the CEO of the London-based Investigative Journal
World - Region
6/19/2019 8:24:14 PM
The European Union is caught between a rock and a hard place in the battle to halt another war in the Middle East, writes Manal Lotfy in London
World - International
6/16/2019 11:45:18 AM
Egypt - Politics
6/10/2019 8:59:00 PM
World - International
6/9/2019 6:15:35 PM
World - International
6/4/2019 3:08:30 PM
World - International
5/30/2019 5:39:22 PM
The results of last week’s elections to the European Parliament contradict the hold-the-stick-from-the-middle approach and present the next UK prime minister with a major dilemma, writes Manal Lotfy in London
World - International
5/24/2019 2:22:24 PM
This month’s elections of the European Parliament may be a make or break moment for centrist politics throughout the continent and not just in Britain, writes Manal Lotfy in London
World - International
5/22/2019 10:43:58 PM
World - International
5/16/2019 5:55:25 PM
Arts & Culture - Entertainment
5/10/2019 4:10:12 PM
Mena Massoud, Will Smith, and Naomi Scott attended the premiere of the live-action remake of the 1992 classic
World - International
5/10/2019 1:13:08 PM
The UK’s Brexit nightmare is damaging the country’s political culture and bringing back the zombies of British politics, writes Manal Lotfy in London
World - International
4/20/2019 5:19:19 PM
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