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World - International
10/2/2012 7:12:09 PM
Gunman shooting claims 26 lives in Nigerian student housing area; police spokes man claim attackers knew victims, called them by name before shooting; massacre possibly fuelled by campus politics
Egypt - Politics
9/29/2012 6:06:52 PM
Families of those killed in the "Maspero massacre" want to see former military rulers on trial, complain no one has been held accountable 10 months after deadly incident
Books -
9/10/2012 4:49:46 PM
Municipal authority of Alexandria raided book kiosks and vendors on Nabi Daniel Street in Alexandria but some don't think it was a Brotherhood government attack on freedom of speech
Sports - Egyptian Football
9/8/2012 10:17:00 PM
Egypt and Ahly star says he has no intention of hanging up his boots; reveals that he decided not to join the Super Cup game out of fear of new football 'massacre'
Sports - Egyptian Football
9/8/2012 1:58:57 PM
A group of Ahly’s hardcore supporters call for fans to storm the next match to protest against the lack progress in prosecuting those responsible for the Port Said massacre
World - International
9/7/2012 3:07:55 PM
Nine men, two women and a child die after Kenyan gunmen carry out revenge attack in response to last month's massacre in southeastern Tana region
Sports - Egyptian Football
9/4/2012 8:04:49 PM
The die-hard Ahly fans stormed the session in anger at the scheduled start of the Egyptian league despite the lack of progress in prosecuting those responsible for the Port Said massacre
World - Region
8/27/2012 9:33:01 AM
After discovering 320 bodies on Sunday in the town of Daraya near Damascus, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announces that 14 more bodies have been found
World - Region
8/26/2012 8:23:35 PM
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says during talks with Iran that Syrians will defeat "conspiracy" following reports of a massacre by the regime in a town near Damascus
World - Region
8/26/2012 3:24:30 PM
Syrian opposition media outlet Sham uploads unconfirmed videos of the bloody bodies of hundreds of civilians, allegedly killed in a Damascus satellite city, Daraya by the Assad regime; link included (Viewer discretion is advised)
World - Region
8/26/2012 9:57:39 AM
The bodies of at least 200 people were found in a town close to Damascus on Saturday, according to activists who said many were young men who appeared to have been killed by Syrian troops 'execution style'
World - International
8/8/2012 3:38:01 PM
Nigerian authorities impose a curfew on Okene city after a church massacre and a gunfight between militants and troops left at least 23 people dead
World - Region
8/6/2012 10:55:35 AM
Syria's opposition accuses the Al-Assad regime troops of killing 40 people and injuring 120 others in Hama province
World - Region
7/27/2012 12:22:22 PM
Syrian rebel forces were bracing Friday for the "mother of all" battles in Aleppo, as Washington warned the army could be preparing to carry out a massacre in the country's second city
World - International
7/26/2012 12:34:36 AM
'Batman shooter', James Holmes, reported to have sent warning package with detailed notebook to psychiatrist at his former university over a week before the massacre
World - International
7/22/2012 9:30:54 PM
US President Barack Obama heads to Colorado to meet victims of the cinema shooting massacre and families of dead
World - Region
7/15/2012 2:15:39 PM
Syria denies accusations by Kofi Annan that state forces used heavy weapons or helicopters in clashes in the village of Tremseh last week, where activists said there was a massacre of over 200 people
World - Region
7/15/2012 1:29:28 PM
Damascus denies its forces used tanks and helicopters in assault on Treimsa, saying what happened was the result of clashes with rebels and not a 'massacre'
World - Region
7/15/2012 10:56:22 AM
Saudi Arabia slams remarks made by Russian foreign ministry's commissioner for human rights over the killing of tow Shia protesters in the Kingdom describing it as a 'blatant interference in its internal affairs'
World - Region
7/15/2012 9:38:26 AM
After 150 people were slaughtered in a new massacre in Syria, Australia calls Russia to back the removal of embattled Syrian president A-Assad from office
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