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Business - Economy
3/23/2015 2:03:42 PM
Minister of finance Hany Kadry has said that payments to public servants, which amounted to LE207 billion in the current fiscal year, will be paid electronically as of July
Business - Economy
11/8/2014 6:30:42 PM
Minister of finances announces further Gulf aid ahead of move to return Qatari deposits by the end of November
Business - Economy
7/6/2014 8:42:55 PM
Egypt's ministers of finance, investment and petroleum head to the United Arab Emirates to discuss more economic opportunities
Business - Economy
9/16/2013 2:30:35 PM
Negotiations between Egypt and its creditor foreign oil companies to pay arrears and increase investments are on the table, says Egyptian minister of finance
Egypt - Politics
7/13/2013 8:58:46 PM
Former Egypt Ambassador to the United States Nabil Fahmy is tipped to be the next minister of foreign affairs
Business - Economy
5/12/2013 5:54:19 PM
Egypt's new finance minister confirmed plans to introduce sukuk, or Islamic bonds, within two months
Business - Economy
4/23/2013 1:46:18 PM
Youssef Boutros Ghali, former minister of finance, received a 25 year prison term in absentia ‎after being convicted of corruption
Business - Economy
3/24/2013 1:34:10 PM
Minister of Finance says OCI agrees to pay LE7.1 billion ($1 bn) to end its tax dispute with government; OCI says it will reveal details of settlement as soon as possible
Business - Economy
1/16/2013 4:25:30 PM
Egypt's Minister of finance says government approved law to issue sovereign Islamic bonds
Business - Economy
1/4/2013 5:02:11 PM
An ‘economic initiative’ set up by the Egyptian government expects deficit reduction amid new tax reforms, but former minister of finance argues that the new reforms ‘do not make sense’
Business - Economy
12/27/2012 5:04:37 PM
Minister of Finance Momtaz El-Saeed voices optimism towards alleviating external and internal financial debt, despite reports on Egypt's deteriorating economic situation
Business - Economy
4/5/2012 8:37:14 PM
With many Egyptians dependent on 'special funds' gathered by state institutions, the intent to freeze them until they can be regulated by law could be disastrous, according to Egypt's former minister of finance
Egypt - Politics
10/12/2011 3:07:21 PM
After having his resignation rejected by SCAF, Minister of Finance Hazem El-Beblawi took part in a cabinet meeting discussing insurance and retirement funds
Egypt - Politics
10/11/2011 2:27:32 PM
Business - Economy
10/2/2011 12:38:37 PM
Market reacts favourably after Minister of Finance opens trade and new index is introduced
Business - Economy
10/1/2011 4:47:22 PM
The largest international conference since Egypt's January 25 Revolution opens on Monday with PM Sharaf and Deputy Minister of Finance Beblawi; the conference addresses global insurance issues that affect Afro-Asian countries
Business - Economy
9/7/2011 4:37:10 PM
Loan agreements are under discussion, minister of finance says
Business - Economy
8/7/2011 3:25:05 PM
A locally-made liquidity crunch is recently-appointed Hazem El-Beblawi's worst fear as he warns of the country's perilously high budget deficit
Egypt - Politics
7/13/2011 3:47:35 PM
The youth movement wants to change the ministers of finance, health, higher education and agriculture along with other NDP-linked ministers and heads of key authorities
Business - Economy
7/12/2011 5:37:23 PM
Revenues exceeded expectations by LE3.7 billion to reach LE169.7 billion in 2010/2011, says current minister of finance
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