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Egypt - Politics
1/31/2013 3:59:19 PM
Vice-president of Egypt's newest Salafist party condemns new initiative - ostensibly aimed at resolving ongoing political impasse - tabled by Salafist Nour Party and National Salvation Front
Egypt - Politics
1/30/2013 8:42:36 PM
Salafist Nour Party and National Salvation Front (NSF) announce 8-point plan to end Egypt's political crisis
Egypt - Politics
1/30/2013 5:50:19 PM
After shunning earlier invitations to dialogue, Mohamed ElBaradei calls for meeting between his National Salvation Front, President Morsi and Egypt's other main political actors
Egypt - Politics
1/29/2013 2:25:53 PM
Egyptian President Morsi's national dialogue talks lead to formation of committee to study constitutional amendments
Egypt - Politics
1/28/2013 10:27:20 PM
The National Salvation Front refused to participate in the president's dialogue process citing a record of 'broken promises'; Morsi supporters say front prisoner of narrow interests
Egypt - Politics
1/28/2013 8:55:56 PM
President Mohamed Morsi is meeting with several political figures to discuss the current crisis, but key leftist and liberal opposition figures declined to attend
Egypt - Politics
1/28/2013 7:05:57 PM
National Salvation Front (NSF) to issue shortlist of 'pre-conditions' for national dialogue with presidency aimed at resolving Egypt's political crisis
Egypt - Politics
1/28/2013 11:39:47 AM
The president has invited eleven parties, including some members of the NSF, to a national dialogue after declaring a state of emergency on the Suez Canal on Sunday night
Egypt - Politics
1/27/2013 9:56:07 PM
Political polarisation in Egypt has reached new levels amid ongoing violence across the country in the wake of the 2011 revolution second anniversary
Egypt - Politics
1/26/2013 9:53:51 PM
Ahram Online covered fierce clashes between protesters and security forces in several Egyptian cities during the revolution's 2nd anniversary and tracked reactions from major political players
Egypt - Politics
1/26/2013 3:39:17 PM
Egypt's main opposition grouping will boycott parliamentary elections unless its stated demands are met
Egypt - Politics
1/21/2013 4:20:04 PM
With parliamentary polls around corner, Egypt's National Salvation Front (NSF) can't shake claims that its membership includes figures that were once affiliated with ousted Mubarak regime
Egypt - Politics
1/20/2013 4:25:05 PM
Opposition leader Hamdeen Sabbahi says longstanding Islamist practice of using places of worship for electioneering should be formally outlawed and subject to prosecution
Egypt - Politics
1/17/2013 8:48:54 PM
Mohamed Hassan, leading member of Egypt's Salafist Call, meets with leaders of National Salvation Front on Thursday in hopes of achieving degree of national reconciliation
Egypt - Politics
1/17/2013 2:56:53 PM
Members of Egypt's main opposition group, the National Salvation Front, say a united effort is the only way to challenge Islamist dominance in upcoming lower house poll
Egypt - Politics
1/15/2013 1:09:45 PM
Leading members of Egypt's National Salvation Front blame Badrashin train accident on poor governance; ElBaradei says 'Egypt on its knees' everyday
Egypt - Politics
1/12/2013 5:13:50 PM
The main opposition umbrella calls for the implementation of 11 conditions to ensure fair upcoming parliamentary elections
Egypt - Politics
1/6/2013 12:30:24 PM
Constitution Party founder Mohamed ElBaradei outlines plan to unite with revolutionary forces to win majority of seats in upcoming parliamentary polls
Egypt - Politics
1/3/2013 4:17:50 PM
Egypt's main opposition coalition puts forward four conditions for participating in the next round of President Morsi's national dialogue initiative
Egypt - Politics
1/3/2013 10:55:50 AM
Brotherhood figure Mahmoud Hussein threatens legal action against the National Salvation Front for questioning the legitimacy of the new constitution
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