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Al-Ahram Weekly - Economy
9/1/2019 1:06:23 PM
A new system to buy short-staple cotton from farmers by auction is being introduced in the Fayoum and Beni Sweif governorates, writes Mona El-Fiqi
Egypt - Politics
12/24/2018 1:08:45 PM
Opinion -
8/29/2018 4:47:01 PM
The United States and Russia are pushing for a major new alignment of forces in the new Middle East
Egypt - Politics
10/24/2015 1:46:40 PM
According to the new system, behaviour and attendance will make up ten percent of the students’ final grades
Business - Economy
5/10/2015 2:09:42 PM
The new system regulating fuel consumption will be enforced in mid-June
Egypt - Politics
4/6/2015 7:19:16 PM
Individual tourists will be required to obtain a visa via a new system before they come to Egypt when the changes are implemented
Opinion -
1/31/2015 9:38:59 AM
The Egyptian revolution will not succeed until it establishes a new system that eliminates the causes of the revolution, which persist until now
Business - Economy
12/4/2014 2:31:56 PM
New system will be implemented by Blumberg Grain; will improve quality and raise prices
Egypt - Politics
9/17/2014 9:58:09 PM
A sister company of a US-based cyber-security firm will begins using a new system that allows greater penetration of social networking sites
Business - Economy
2/9/2014 7:39:32 PM
One million out of 1.3 million cards issued for new system designed to monitor fuel consumption and cut down on Egypt's fuel subsidies and black market petrol sales
Egypt - Constitution 2014
1/9/2014 1:36:36 PM
New system designed to prevent duplicate ballots after rules were changed to allow voting away from citizen's registered address
Business - Economy
10/11/2012 4:41:31 PM
Official says government is taking concrete steps to introduce new system for cooking gas distribution
Business - Economy
9/9/2012 3:29:47 PM
Final stock prices will more closely reflect trading interest when new system is introduced next month, says Bourse chairman
Business - Economy
3/28/2012 6:05:51 PM
Just days before the deadline for tax returns, a new system that lets Egyptians pay at 1,450 bank branches across the country might prove a lifesaver
Business - Economy
7/28/2011 6:06:21 PM
A new system will provide poorer Egyptians with half-price essentials during the month of Ramadan
Egypt - Politics
11/27/2010 10:27:00 PM
The new Parliament is reserving 64 seats for the women's quota but will this new system prompt more women to vote?

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