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" Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons OPCW"
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4/25/2014 3:12:36 PM
World - Region
1/27/2014 5:27:15 PM
World - Region
1/20/2014 4:30:32 PM
World - International
11/16/2013 10:21:54 AM
Albania rejects a US request to host the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons, saying it was ill-equipped to handle the disposal of thousands of tonnes of toxic waste
World - Region
11/13/2013 2:06:12 PM
World - Region
10/11/2013 11:28:20 AM
The Hague-based OPCW wins the Novel Peace Prize after being honoured 'for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons'
World - Region
10/10/2013 4:52:29 PM
Last week experts began supervising the destruction, by Syrian authorities, of missile warheads, aerial bombs and chemical mixing equipment
World - Region
10/7/2013 7:30:50 PM
US Secretary of State welcomed the start of work to destroy Syria's chemical weapons as a process that 'has begun in record time'
World - Region
10/3/2013 10:27:38 AM
The OPCW mission is currently focusing its efforts on verifying information provided by the government on its chemical arsenal
World - Region
10/2/2013 9:04:14 AM
The disarmament team includes 19 OPCW inspectors and 14 UN staffers, being the first in the organisation's history to take place in a country wracked by civil war
World - Region
9/22/2013 11:58:16 AM
The OPCW pour over complete inventory from Syria with full information about its chemical weapons; US official surprised and encouraged by the volume of information provided by Damascus
World - Region
9/19/2013 6:13:12 PM
The OPCW is charged with implementing the Chemical Weapons Convention, which Syria asked to join amid growing calls for military action against Damascus
World - Region
4/8/2013 12:29:28 PM

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