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World - Region
11/14/2018 7:08:06 PM
The escalation of violence between Israel’s occupation forces and Palestinian resistance factions is the result of Israel’s failed military operation in Khan Younis, writes Haitham Ahmed in the Gaza Strip
World - Region
7/28/2018 1:36:56 PM
Egypt - Politics
3/4/2015 6:33:27 PM
Spokesman for Hamas, Sami Abu Zuhri, said on Wednesday the ministry of justice's decision to execute the court ruling listing Hamas a terrorist organisation is shameful to Egypt
Opinion -
8/20/2014 11:27:15 AM
Arab elites, the US and Israel work together to oppose democracy in the Arab world and denigrate the Palestinian resistance
Egypt - Politics
7/17/2014 2:17:46 AM
Several political groups in Cairo have refused Egypt's 'unfair' Gaza truce and demanded the opening of the Rafah crossing
Egypt - Politics
1/15/2014 8:30:09 PM
Hamas's spokesman accuses Egypt and Fatah of aiming to destroy Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip
Egypt - Politics
5/14/2013 9:05:52 PM
Largely forgotten by officials in Cairo, scores of Egyptians continue to languish in Israeli prisons - some of whom were reportedly detained for aiding Palestinian resistance
World - Region
4/11/2013 9:33:41 PM
Palestinian resistance outfit Hamas says one-month campaign aimed at combatting Palestinian collaboration with Tel Aviv regime has achieved 'number of goals'
World - Region
4/3/2013 2:41:23 PM
Pro-Assad Syrian newspaper slams re-election of Khaled Meshaal as leader of Palestinian resistance movement Hamas
World - Region
4/2/2013 3:58:00 PM
Death of Palestinian resistance fighter Maysara Abu Hamdeya, who was serving a life sentence in an Israeli jail, sparks protests by fellow inmates
Opinion -
4/2/2013 1:40:19 PM
Recent developments have strained relations between Egypt and Palestinian resistance faction Hamas
Egypt - Politics
3/21/2013 9:11:06 PM
Hamdeen Sabbahi's Popular Current stresses its 'dedication' to Palestinian resistance despite its ongoing dispute with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, the resistance group's ideological parent
World - Region
1/23/2013 6:03:14 PM
The Likud-Yisrael Beitenu alliance gained less votes in the Knesset race due to its failure in the last Gaza war, Hamas official claims
World - Region
1/9/2013 2:14:00 PM
UK-based rights outfit claims Syrian security forces executed two members of Palestinian resistance group in refugee camp near Damascus
World - Region
12/25/2012 5:11:25 PM
Israeli internal security agency accuse 10 members of the Palestinian resistance of planning to kidnap Israelis
World - Region
12/5/2012 10:06:34 PM
Hamas is considering establishing a defence ministry to help train the Palestinian resistance, according to interior minister
Egypt - Politics
11/22/2012 11:18:26 AM
Rockets on their way to Gaza were discovered in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula on Thursday as the ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian resistance holds
World - Region
11/19/2012 9:45:41 AM
Day and night bombardment of the tiny Gaza strip for five consecutive days gave more power than defeat to Palestinian resistance morale
World - Region
11/18/2012 6:57:09 PM
Obama, weighing in with his first comments on the crisis, made clear he was firmly on the side of U.S. ally Israel against Palestinian resistance
Egypt - Politics
8/26/2012 5:19:30 PM
Four-man delegation from Palestinian resistance outfit Hamas slated to meet Egypt's new defence minister on Sunday; Meeting participants expected to discuss joint security, borders
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