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Egypt - Politics
4/26/2016 11:38:20 AM
The board of Egypt's press syndicate will hold an urgent meeting on Tuesday to discuss what they say are violations committed against journalists during Monday's protests
Egypt - Politics
4/25/2016 6:52:09 PM
Egypt - Politics
4/25/2016 4:30:27 PM
Egypt - Politics
4/23/2016 4:05:42 PM
Egypt - Politics
4/17/2016 3:27:23 PM
Some have described the conference as an opportunity to affirm that all journalists stand by the 'unified press law' draft presented to parliament by the press syndicate
Egypt - Politics
4/15/2016 7:11:05 PM
Egypt - Politics
4/6/2016 9:41:34 PM
On Tuesday, prosecutors also dropped charges ElBalshy 'insulted police and advocated the overthrow of the regime'
Egypt - Politics
4/6/2016 12:30:15 PM
Egypt - Politics
4/5/2016 3:14:38 PM
Leading press syndicate member Elbalshy still asserts, however, that the case against him for 'insulting police' is still ongoing
Egypt - Politics
4/4/2016 3:28:29 PM
El-Balshy says a case was brought against him over statements he has made on social media that allegedly insulted the police
Egypt - Politics
3/18/2016 4:16:02 PM
The assembly, where issues including press freedom laws were to be discussed, has been rescheduled for 1 April
Egypt - Politics
3/13/2016 7:38:48 PM
The speaker of Egypt's parliament Ali Abdel-Al will discuss new media laws with a delegation from the Journalists Syndicate on Monday
Egypt - Politics
3/8/2016 12:42:04 PM
A press conference Tuesday will announce the launch
Egypt - Politics
3/3/2016 10:12:32 PM
Yehia Kalash, the head of Egypt's press syndicate, says the media landscape is more in need of overhaul than ever
Egypt - Politics
3/3/2016 2:47:29 PM
Egypt - Politics
3/2/2016 10:01:27 PM
The sit-in at the Journalists Syndicate aims to pressure Egypt’s authorities to allow jailed journalists to receive vital medical care and visitors
Egypt - Politics
2/29/2016 3:26:54 PM
The minimum demand of the two prominent strikers, who will be sitting in at the Press Syndicate headquarters in Cairo, is proper medical treatment for jailed journalists who need it
Egypt - Politics
2/27/2016 1:39:04 PM
A number of imprisoned journalists in Al-Aqrab prison have gone on hunger strike to protest mistreatment
Egypt - Politics
2/23/2016 4:01:55 PM
Speaker of Egypt's parliament Ali Abdel-Al said he 'deeply respects' journalists after the Monday attack on reporters by two MPs
Egypt - Politics
1/23/2016 7:01:20 PM
Egypt parliament speaker Ali Abdel-Al met a delegation from the Press Syndicate to discuss laws aimed at regulating Egypt's media in line with the new constitution
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