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Egypt - First 100 days
7/21/2012 9:10:19 PM
In the memory of the 60th anniversary of the July 23 revolution, president Mohamed Morsi receives a number of telegrams from world leaders
Books - Review
7/20/2012 3:30:05 PM
Ezzedine Naguib's 'The Silent,' published in a new edition nearly 30 years after the original, tackles the challenges intellectuals must overcome to reach the silent majority
Egypt - First 100 days
7/19/2012 10:27:07 PM
In Ramadan amnesty, President Morsi orders release of 572 Egyptians detained by military since last year's Tahrir Square uprising, including 530 already convicted
Business - Economy
7/18/2012 11:00:41 PM
Mubarak-era business tycoon Mohamed Abul-Enein says he deserves to be 'saluted, not condemned' as thousands of Cleopatra Ceramics workers continue months-old battle for a higher standard of living after the revolution
Opinion -
7/18/2012 9:22:10 PM
Limiting freedom of religious practice to 'divine religions,' as some in the Constituent Assembly are intent to do, would be a catastrophe for Egypt and its revolution
Books -
7/18/2012 8:03:21 PM
The latest book of Egyptian economist Nader Fergany includes articles on the potential of communication technologies to drive social change, written before the 2011 revolution
Egypt - Politics
7/18/2012 7:54:43 PM
Workers at state-owned Mahalla Misr Spinning and Weaving Co. maintain strike for fourth consecutive day to demand share of company profits, dismissal of company chairman
Heritage - Ancient Egypt
7/18/2012 6:36:11 PM
Recent video claiming to show ancient artefacts pilfered from Egyptian Museum during last year's uprising is 'fabrication,' museum officials tell Ahram Online
World - Region
7/18/2012 4:39:00 PM
Tehran says Washington 'cannot do anything' concerning recently-announced plans for a multinational anti-mine operation in case of military confrontation with the Islamic republic
World - Region
7/18/2012 2:46:02 PM
Russia says a decisive battle is in progress in Syria, as it rejects a Western-backed UN resolution on the crisis which would mean taking sides with a revolutionary movement
Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
7/18/2012 12:00:00 AM
Ahram Online speaks to the curators of exUrban Screens, which – as part of its exploration of international digital art and its effort to make the global local – featured revolutionary Egyptian works
Opinion -
7/17/2012 3:23:48 PM
What lies between the president and social justice is the elite of the Brotherhood, the one per cent, who are set to pursue the same neo-liberal policies which led to the revolution
Egypt - First 100 days
7/17/2012 12:05:58 PM
Western and Egyptian sources deny there was any American intervention to ensure Morsi's electoral victory, and, in any case, the US knew long before the revolution the Brotherhood are a force to deal with in Egypt
World - Region
7/16/2012 2:38:41 PM
Islamist group meets for first time in 30 years in Istanbul to discuss how to support uprising against Assad regime
World - Region
7/15/2012 2:44:54 PM
In a shift of approach to the conflict in Syria, Iran says it is ready to host talks between Syrian government and opposition groups to help end the crisis
Opinion -
7/15/2012 2:05:11 PM
The 1952 Free Officers coup and the January 2011 uprising threw the Muslim Brotherhood and the military into a power struggle – what are the similarities and differences between the two eras?
World - Region
7/14/2012 11:10:42 AM
Iran is ready to play a role alongside other regional countries to try to establish a dialogue between the Syrian government and the opposition
World - Region
7/13/2012 3:50:22 PM
After the first meeting between Egypt's and Tunisia's newly elected presidents, Friday, Egyptian head of state Morsi asserts armed support to Syrian uprising is 'not the solution'
Egypt - First 100 days
7/13/2012 1:29:57 PM
'Revolutionary' Sheikh Shaheen condemns judiciary for rejecting presidential decree reinstating parliament during Friday's thousands-strong protest on Cairo's Tahrir Square
Egypt - Politics
7/12/2012 1:44:32 PM
Minister of manpower says Egyptian workers should fly to Tripoli, as Libyan authorities also fly workers from Ben Ghazi to Tripoli by plane because revolutionaries block highways
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