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World - International
8/8/2020 10:09:00 AM
Expanded mail-in voting is a political hot potato that Trump has handed the Democrats
Egypt - Politics
8/6/2020 5:00:20 PM
Books -
8/5/2020 6:13:13 PM
Egypt - Politics
8/4/2020 6:19:26 PM
World - Region
7/21/2020 11:11:16 PM
Washington’s position on Libya is muddled and risks losing the support of the Egyptian people and its leadership
Al-Ahram Weekly - World
7/17/2020 1:00:00 PM
Donald Trump has doubled down on his criticism of China in the face of jibes from Joe Biden, proving the sensitivity that exists around the China issue, writes Saeed Okasha
Opinion -
7/9/2020 10:08:28 AM
The US Democratic Party has moved into an alliance with anarchists. It will not serve its electoral prospects come November
Books -
7/5/2020 6:53:00 PM
Writer El-Saeed Saleh delves into the psychology of a woman who had to give up her daughter, and the latter’s struggle for the truth about her life
Al-Ahram Weekly - World
6/25/2020 9:45:00 PM
Despite everything Trump gave Israel, there are signs that it may not stand behind him in his bid for a second term
Al-Ahram Weekly - World
6/19/2020 5:54:00 PM
Both the political left and the political right are in dangerous territory in the United States, with both adopting rhetoric that could threaten the union
Arts & Culture - Music
6/14/2020 3:15:22 PM
The musicians of Egypt's oldest national orchestra are finding it hard to keep their spirits high and make ends meet amid the general cultural shutdown
Al-Ahram Weekly - World
6/11/2020 7:27:00 PM
The issue of race in the US is being dramatically politicised amid the run up to this year’s presidential elections
Al-Ahram Weekly - World
6/3/2020 3:05:00 PM
US Democrats are playing with fire in their conspicuous attempts to pin the violence seen in US cities on Trump
World - International
5/19/2020 8:03:29 PM
While Trump is pushing for an investigation of China’s role in the global Covid-19 pandemic, Beijing appears to be using Iran to offset the pressure, writes Saeed Okasha
Al-Ahram Weekly - World
5/14/2020 11:20:00 AM
The US move to withdraw some Patriot missiles from Saudi Arabia has given rise to much speculation, though unfounded
Egypt -
5/13/2020 10:44:29 AM
Saeed Okasha wonders why Germany is so loath to label the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group
Business - Economy
5/11/2020 12:20:16 PM
Al-Ahram Weekly - World
5/8/2020 3:36:00 PM
How will Americans rate US President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the run-up to this year’s presidential elections
Business - Economy
5/8/2020 3:04:33 PM
Each of the two scenarios will cause a shock to all sectors, planning minister Hala El-Saeed said
Al-Ahram Weekly - World
4/28/2020 6:37:44 PM
Both Tehran and Washington appear to want to avoid war. But this by no means signals any détente between these avowed foes, writes Saeed Okasha
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