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World - International
11/19/2013 12:42:54 PM
Documents made public by Edward Snowden show US National Security Agency logged millions of Norwegian phone calls during month period last winter
World - International
11/18/2013 11:10:44 AM
World - International
11/17/2013 4:20:42 PM
World - International
11/7/2013 6:02:16 PM
World - International
11/2/2013 8:53:49 PM
Holding 'refugee status' in Russia, Snowden was told he could talk to whoever he chooses
World - International
11/2/2013 3:05:01 PM
Malaysia summoned the US and Australian mission heads to hand over a protest note in response to the alleged spying activities carried out by the two embassies in Kuala Lumpur
World - International
11/1/2013 4:42:40 PM
A German lawmaker announced the news after meeting with Edward Snowden in Moscow
World - International
11/1/2013 10:30:35 AM
Such a trip would be impossible for Snowden, who was granted asylum by Russia in August, a news report pointed out
World - International
10/31/2013 8:13:51 PM
Chinese FM spokeswoman expresses concern about the spying reports and demands a 'clarification and explanation'
World - International
10/31/2013 11:09:03 AM
The operation gained access to a cable or switch that relayed the traffic through an unnamed telecommunications provider, the Washington Post revealed
World - International
10/29/2013 11:04:52 AM
British lawmakers say trust must be rebuilt with US after conducting electronic snooping on France, Italy, and Germany; NSA to review its intelligence-gathering procedures
World - International
10/28/2013 5:15:15 PM
Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says after a summit with fellow European Union leaders in Brussels Friday he has no evidence that Spain was spied on
World - International
10/28/2013 8:58:56 AM
The NSA halts snooping on German Chancellor Merkel and other world leaders after the White House learned of the spying, according to the Wall Street Journal
World - International
10/27/2013 9:05:09 AM
Several thousand protesters march in Washington to demand a new US law limiting the National Security Agency's surveillance programs seen as encroaching on private life
World - International
10/26/2013 10:32:12 AM
'What Snowden did, has put Americans at greater risk, because terrorists learn from leaks and they will be more careful,' the CIA's former number-two ranking official said
World - International
10/25/2013 10:25:53 AM
EU President Herman Van Rompuy says France and Germany will seek 'bilateral talks with the US' to agree new rules on espionage
World - International
10/25/2013 10:01:27 AM
The Washington Post says US officials are warning some foreign intelligence services that fugitive Edward Snowden could release 'sensitive material about collection programs against countries such as Iran, Russia and China'
World - International
10/24/2013 8:43:46 PM
Former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright says 'countries spy on each other; this is not a surprise to people'
World - International
10/24/2013 10:42:55 AM
Politicians across party lines condemned a betrayal of trust between decades-old allies, echoing the sharp rebuke Merkel delivered in a phone call to US President Barack Obama the previous day
World - International
10/16/2013 2:34:12 PM
Head of domestic intelligence MI5 claims leaks could help 'terrorists'
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