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Business - Economy
8/16/2011 6:13:51 PM
The new governor of the Central Bank of Sudan, Kornelio Koriom, also named as chairman of the South Sudan Currency Conversion Committee
World - Region
8/6/2011 2:57:25 PM
Newly independent South Sudan swore in its new MPs, replacing the caretaker government two days ahead of the next scheduled parliament meeting
Business - Economy
8/5/2011 4:26:30 PM
Sudan has blocked a shipment of southern oil after Juba refused to pay Khartoum's transit fees, the foreign ministry said on Friday, escalating a row between the north and the newly independent south.
World - Region
8/3/2011 3:30:51 PM
One of the most powerful rebels militias fighting the new government of South Sudan declares ceasefire, accepts amnesty offered by southern president Salva Kiir
World - Region
8/2/2011 1:00:14 PM
The two states must reach agreement on key economic and political issues, including oil revenues, contested borders and Nile water resources
Business - Economy
7/31/2011 4:30:31 PM
The two Sudans fall out over oil transit and currency issues at the latest round of Ethiopia-hosted talks
World - Region
7/28/2011 2:26:29 PM
South Sudan becomes the first nation to be admitted to the African Union since Eritrea in 1993
Business - Economy
7/24/2011 12:34:44 PM
Sudan will start circulating its new currency on Sunday, the central bank said, days after South Sudan started rolling out a currency of its own
World - Region
7/23/2011 12:20:29 PM
The Sudan People's Liberation Army denied allegations they killed South Sudan rebel leader Gatluak Gai, claiming he was shot by his own men
Business - Economy
7/15/2011 11:10:34 AM
Food prices are rising fast in Khartoum, as secession of the oil-rich south leaves the north facing a shortfall of up to 30 per cent in state revenues
World - Region
7/14/2011 4:34:53 PM
World - Region
7/14/2011 2:30:36 PM
Sudan's parliament gave initial approval to cancel the citizenship of South Sudanese, less than a week after South Sudan became independent
World - Region
7/13/2011 4:25:12 PM
World - Region
7/11/2011 5:21:31 PM
Ministers in the interim Cabinet will be unable to make decisions that affect the country's future without the president's approval
Business - Economy
7/11/2011 4:24:09 PM
The new South Sudanese state will be launching the world's newest currency in a week, though the north is slow in delivering Sudanese pounds to Juba
World - Region
7/11/2011 1:56:13 PM
Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Bashir said on Monday that the disputed Abyei border region could be a source of conflict with newly independent South Sudan if agreements are not respected
Opinion -
7/10/2011 5:09:11 PM
The Republic of South Sudan has joined the community of nations
World - Region
7/10/2011 3:29:44 PM
The North's commitment to respect the South's will for independence is underlined by visiting northern dignitaries to Juba on the new state's first day
World - Region
7/10/2011 3:10:06 PM
Israel recognised South Sudan on Sunday, offering the new state economic help after it seceded from the mainly Arab Muslim north
World - Region
7/10/2011 12:25:21 PM
International representatives and high officials spoke on their hopes for the newest state, South Sudan, amidst all-night celebrations in the capital for their official secession
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