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Opinion -
2/11/2011 4:09:08 PM
The choices facing Egypt are not between dialogue and coup d’état, as the vice president said yesterday, but between a rickety authoritarianism and full vibrant democracy
Egypt - Politics
2/11/2011 3:47:37 PM
Both of last night's addresses by Mubarak and Suleiman were in defiance of the armed forces, a former senior official of Egyptian Intelligence tells Ahram Online
Egypt - Politics
2/11/2011 3:40:49 PM
Muslim Brotherhood releases a statement on Ikhwanonline, their official portal, slamming the statements issued by Mubarak and his deputy and asking people to continue protesting
Egypt - Politics
2/11/2011 2:03:37 PM
New position will oversee 'national dialogue'
Egypt - Politics
2/11/2011 11:37:58 AM
Ahram Online provides minute by minute live updates of "Defiance Friday", the eighteenth day of Egypt's historic popular uprising
Egypt -
2/10/2011 7:06:01 PM
Opinion -
2/10/2011 1:12:33 PM
As the regime tries to stem the upheaval in the country through insincere manoeuvres, its rotten rule means the only outcome can be revolution
Egypt - Politics
2/10/2011 12:38:06 PM
Tagammu Party withdraws from negotiations because of interference from the president
Egypt - Politics
2/9/2011 2:32:56 PM
Omar Suleiman says hasty reforms could bring chaos
Egypt - Politics
2/9/2011 1:50:34 PM
Egyptian opposition groups are infuriated over an ultimatum by Omar Suleiman that protesters have two options 'dialogue' or 'coup'
Egypt - Politics
2/8/2011 4:57:58 PM
Newly-appointed vice president Omar Suleiman met today with chairmen and chief editors of state, partisan and independent newspapers
Egypt - Politics
2/8/2011 1:41:18 PM
Suleiman: Egypt has plan in place for power transfer
Egypt - Politics
2/8/2011 11:24:02 AM
Egypt - Politics
2/7/2011 5:39:39 PM
Five youth groups mandated the Committee of Wise Men to negotiate on their behalf, with both the old and the young rejecting the vice-president’s compromise suggestions
World - Region
2/7/2011 5:32:56 PM
Experts spell out to Ahram Online how developments in Egypt are being seen in Israel which anticipated suck a revolt
Egypt - Politics
2/7/2011 1:40:04 PM
After almost two weeks of mass protests in Egypt, some intellectuals, activists and parties hold talks with the government, while the majority of protesters refuse to leave Tahrir square before president Mubarak steps down
Egypt - Politics
2/6/2011 4:05:32 PM
Talks on Sunday between Vice President Omar Suleiman and opposition groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, lay the path for a constitutional reform committee while Suleiman refuses to assume Mubarak's presidential powers
Egypt - Politics
2/6/2011 1:20:38 PM
Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman held talks with members of opposition groups
Egypt - Politics
2/5/2011 2:00:00 PM
Security official denies assassination attempt on Omar Suleiman and blames the Muslim Brotherhood for spreading false information
World - Region
12/29/2010 12:44:53 PM
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