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World - Region
11/14/2012 12:17:03 PM
For the third day, forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad conducted an air assault on the town of Ras al-Ain near the Turkish border to scatter rebels
World - Region
11/13/2012 5:40:09 PM
World - Region
11/8/2012 2:25:36 PM
In interview with Russian television, Bashar Al-Assad rejects notion of seeking 'safe exit,' stresses intention to 'live, die' in native Syria
World - Region
11/8/2012 1:32:20 PM
For the second time in a month, Turkey forces Armenian plane carrying humanitarian aid for Syria to land in one of its airports for inspection
Business - Economy
11/7/2012 1:43:17 PM
On different sides of the Syrian conflict, ties continue to worsen between Iraq and Turkey, proven by the former's expulsion of a Turkish energy firm from a consortium that won an exploration contract in south Iraq
Egypt - Politics
10/23/2012 8:05:14 PM
Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr says his Algerian counterpart agrees that resolving the Syrian conflict should be done within an Arab framework
World - Region
10/23/2012 7:38:50 PM
Lebanese army arranges ceasefire in Tripoli to end fights between Sunni and Alawite gunmen allegedly loyal to opposing sides of Syrian conflict;
World - Region
9/10/2012 7:04:04 PM
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said that both sides in the Syrian conflict had committed human rights violations and had targeted civilians
World - Region
9/1/2012 5:17:33 PM
Amman seeks $700 million in aid to manage influx of 240,000 refugees from Syrian conflict
World - Region
8/21/2012 2:41:56 PM
Fears foment of a Syrian conflict spill-over as officials and medics say clashes in Lebanon's Tripoli between Sunnis and Alawites leave 1 dead, 23 civilians and 5 soldiers wounded
World - Region
8/12/2012 11:22:04 AM
Arab foreign ministers postponed a planned meeting on the Syrian conflict that had been due to take place in Saudi Arabia later on Sunday, a top Arab League official said
World - Region
8/8/2012 9:59:19 PM
Despite visit to Turkey by Iran's foreign minister Tuesday in attempt to mend rocky relations, Ankara sends warning to Tehran over accusations made regarding Syrian conflict
Business - Economy
8/7/2012 1:00:19 PM
An influx of journalists in Turkey's border province of Antakya is compensating hotels for a dip in tourism
London 2012 - News
8/2/2012 12:44:05 PM
British Prime Minister David Cameron and Russian President Vladimir Putin were set for tense talks on the Syrian conflict on Thursday, before watching judo together at the London Olympics
World - Region
6/11/2012 8:58:13 PM
Pro-, anti-Assad politicians in Lebanon agree on steps aimed at preventing country from turning into staging area in Syrian conflict
World - Region
5/2/2012 11:44:52 AM
Both sides in the Syrian conflict are violating a ceasefire, a top UN official says, as a rights group accuse the regime of committing atrocities in the province of Idlib
World - Region
3/17/2012 3:49:16 PM
Kofi Annan is not seeking Assad's ouster but rather a solution to year-long Syrian conflict that suits both opposition and regime, says Russian FM
World - Region
3/15/2012 7:35:10 PM
Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah says the only solution for the Syrian conflict is a political one, urging all parties to lay down their weapons
World - Region
3/8/2012 7:45:50 PM
Beirut ignores US calls to protect all Syrians fleeing into its territory, situation sheds light on divisions in Lebanese society over response to Syrian conflict
World - Region
3/8/2012 2:30:18 PM
UN envoy to Syria Kofi Annan and Egyptian FM Mohamed Amr warn against the further militarization of the Syrian conflict, call for political settlement
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