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2/9/2013 3:48:10 PM
Syrian warplanes launched air strikes on the outskirts of Damascus Saturday as clashes erupted between loyalist troops and rebels nearby
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2/7/2013 11:03:26 AM
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says 55 people were killed, three of them women, following a military attack on rebel-controlled areas around Damascus
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1/27/2013 10:29:18 AM
Syria's elite Republican Guard troops shell the city of Daraya with heavy artillery and tanks, activists say
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1/21/2013 1:56:44 PM
Damascus plunged into total blackout throughout Sunday night after key transmission grid that supplies the capital is hit
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1/19/2013 2:57:50 PM
The UNICEF condemns the latest incidents in Syria in the strongest terms, and once again calls on all parties to ensure civilians -- and children especially -- are spared the effects of the conflict
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1/17/2013 10:49:05 AM
The Al-Assad regime troops kill 106 people including women and children near Homs
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1/16/2013 9:57:58 AM
Almost 83 people have been killed and at least 150 others wounded after explosions in Aleppo city, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said
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1/13/2013 12:12:50 PM
Al-Assad regime bombards rebel-held towns on periphery of Syrian capital; Palestinian camp sees renewed clashes
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1/12/2013 12:19:45 PM
The outskirts of the Syrian capital were rocked by clashes early on Saturday a day after rebels seized a key regime airbase in the north, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said
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1/9/2013 2:14:00 PM
UK-based rights outfit claims Syrian security forces executed two members of Palestinian resistance group in refugee camp near Damascus
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1/3/2013 12:50:09 PM
Almost 60,000 people were killed during the 21-month civil war in Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says
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1/2/2013 3:19:27 PM
At least 12 members of the same family, most of them children, were killed by an air raid in a town partly held by rebels
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12/31/2012 3:32:08 PM
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says nearly 90 percent of those killed in Syria's 21-month conflict died in 2012 due to a fierce escalation in the methods of crackdown by the regime
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12/31/2012 12:08:14 PM
The Syrian Revolution General Commission puts numbers of bodies at 50 saying that their heads were cut and disfigured to the point that it was no longer possible to identify them
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12/29/2012 1:19:11 PM
Al-Assad regime troops batter Deir Baalbeh and the rebel-controlled area around the Crac des Chevaliers castle in Homs
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12/26/2012 1:13:25 PM
At least 20 people were killed, 8 of which were children, when Syrian regime forces shelled the northern Syrian province of Raqqa
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12/25/2012 11:29:54 AM
As the Syrian army hammered several rebel Bastions in and around Damascus, the rebels managed to ambush and kill a military intelligence officer in Jaramana
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12/24/2012 3:23:24 PM
Palestine Liberation Organisation says more than 700 Palestinians have died in Syria since the beginning of the 21-month conflict, including many in Yarmuk refugee camp in southern Damascus
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12/24/2012 3:08:35 PM
While fighting rebels in the central city of Homs, Syrian troops used bombs containing a killer gas which left six rebels dead
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12/22/2012 1:42:44 PM
Syrian Islamist fighters warn residents of Christian cities in the province of Hama that they will be attacked if they don't expel pro-Al-Assad militias from their towns and persuade them not target their villages and homes
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