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" Syrian Revolution"
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World - Region
5/10/2019 5:51:19 PM
What have been the reasons behind the failure of the Syrian opposition since the outbreak of the revolution in early 2011, asks Bassel Oudat in Damascus
World - Region
8/17/2018 4:46:31 PM
The Islamic State group has attacked a Druze region in southern Syria, raising questions as to who is benefiting from its revival
Opinion -
8/15/2018 8:19:59 PM
The five million Syrian refugees will doubtless one day return to their homeland after seven years of civil war, but they cannot be forced to do so
Books -
7/20/2016 3:05:22 PM
Al-Haj Saleh's third book since the Syrian revolution broke out tackles the role of intellectuals in the time of monsters where people are killed, humiliated, and starved to death in every possible way
Multimedia -
6/26/2016 3:23:21 PM
Men and Children cool down in Glen river, in Deraa Governorate, the birthplace of the 2011 Syrian revolution (Reuters)
World - Region
11/1/2014 9:02:45 PM
World - Region
10/31/2014 7:18:36 PM
Books - Review
8/27/2014 2:22:08 PM
Salameh Kaileh provides a Marxist account of the Syrian revolution, arguing that international interests have undermined the people's struggle
World - Region
12/26/2013 6:11:29 PM
World - Region
12/22/2013 2:34:03 PM
Books -
11/17/2013 12:23:21 PM
A new book published from Doha focuses on social structure, underdevelopment, a hegemonic regime, and geostrategic politics, among other factors, to explain and interpret the Syrian Revolution
World - Region
9/26/2013 7:16:48 PM
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights calls religiously-based attacks by ISIL jihadist fighters an 'assault on the Syrian revolution'
Arts & Culture - Visual Art
7/21/2013 12:28:07 PM
World renowned artist Youssef Abdelke has spent 'half his life in regime jails and forced exile'
Egypt - Politics
7/9/2013 4:27:25 PM
Egypt still supports the Syrian revolution, according to the foreign ministry
World - Region
6/3/2013 4:00:56 PM
The Syrian Revolution General Commission, a key bloc within the Syrian National Coalition, withdraws from the body citing misuse of funds and advancing personal interests
Books -
4/22/2013 5:41:03 PM
Jadal organisation will host Lebanese thinker Fawaz Trabilsi for a talk on the Syrian Revolution on Thursday 25 April at 7pm
Books - Review
4/15/2013 6:27:43 PM
The new monthly periodical, Damascus, opens space for writers from the Arab world, especially Syria
World - Region
3/2/2013 3:18:13 PM
Free Syrian army commanders fears that Islamists would hijack their the Syrian revolution
World - Region
1/27/2013 10:29:18 AM
Syria's elite Republican Guard troops shell the city of Daraya with heavy artillery and tanks, activists say
World - Region
12/31/2012 12:08:14 PM
The Syrian Revolution General Commission puts numbers of bodies at 50 saying that their heads were cut and disfigured to the point that it was no longer possible to identify them
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