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1/2/2013 3:19:27 PM
At least 12 members of the same family, most of them children, were killed by an air raid in a town partly held by rebels
World - Region
12/28/2012 11:31:10 AM
Russia, a strong ally of the Syrian regime, calls President Bashar Al-Assad to open dialogue with opposition and implement the agreements reached in Geneva
World - Region
12/26/2012 1:13:25 PM
At least 20 people were killed, 8 of which were children, when Syrian regime forces shelled the northern Syrian province of Raqqa
World - Region
12/24/2012 3:08:35 PM
While fighting rebels in the central city of Homs, Syrian troops used bombs containing a killer gas which left six rebels dead
World - Region
12/22/2012 7:47:52 PM
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says that the Syrian regime is still in control of chemical weapons stockpiled at several locations
World - Region
12/18/2012 5:10:03 PM
Hundreds of Palestinians escaped the current violence taking place in the Yarmuk refugee camp in Syria and went to Lebanon, joining the about 2,000 other Palestinians who fled over the past three days
World - Region
12/18/2012 4:23:33 PM
The Organization for Islamic Cooperation – the world's largest Muslim body – blamed both the Syrian regime's troops and the rebels for the clashes rocking the Yarmuk Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus
World - Region
12/18/2012 9:58:17 AM
Fierce battle between Syrian regime forces and rebel fighters in the Yarmuk refugee camp in southern Damascus
World - Region
12/14/2012 12:04:31 PM
The Syrian regime is currently losing the battle on the ground against rebels, French President Francois Hollande says
World - Region
12/3/2012 2:59:14 PM
The Syrian regime responds to accusations
World - Region
11/27/2012 1:27:58 PM
Analysts say the Syrian regime is recruiting greater numbers of militiamen of the Alawite community as the conflict with pro-democracy rebels gets tougher
World - Region
11/20/2012 1:22:03 PM
In their latest attack against military fortifications, Syrian opposition fighters stormed a northern air defense base near the border with Turkey
World - Region
11/13/2012 12:14:52 PM
Warplanes bombed the border town of Ras al-Ain yet again and fierce clashes between Syrian regime forces and rebels near Damascus left ten soldiers and a rebel dead
World - Region
11/10/2012 7:06:11 PM
A week of marathon meetings in Doha between various Syrian factions barely yielded any significant results, despite the importance of opposition unity in face of the Syrian regime
World - Region
10/28/2012 10:36:18 AM
Lakhdar Brahimi likely to make new proposal to Security Council in attempt to push Syrian regime and opposition into negotiations despite failed truce during four-day Muslim holiday
World - Region
10/21/2012 2:36:57 PM
Thousands of people gather in central Beirut for the funeral of a top intelligence officer Wissam al-Hassan; the ceremony is expected to turn into a rally against the Syrian regime and loyalists inside Lebanon
World - Region
10/20/2012 1:05:00 PM
Wissam al-Hassan, one of eight people killed on Saturday in car bombing in the Lebanese capital, is reportedly a target for the Syrian regime due to his accusations that they were behind the assassination of Rafiq Hariri
World - Region
10/10/2012 4:46:31 PM
Syrian regime rejects UN call for unilateral ceasefire, as regime forces advance on Idlib and Damascus-Aleppo highway; Syrian observatory for Human rights reports 50 people killed across the country Wednesday
World - Region
10/2/2012 8:54:11 PM
Syrian prominent human rights activist Khalil al-Maatouq detained by the Syrian regime forces
World - Region
9/29/2012 12:22:01 PM
After mortar bomb fired from Syria into southeastern Turkey, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu says if the Syrian regime experienced other breaches towards the country's borders, Ankara reserves its rights to reply
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