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World - Region
6/20/2011 12:27:55 PM
Third set of sanctions set to be imposed on the Syrian regime by the EU
World - Region
6/10/2011 1:52:53 PM
Syrian forces open fire on thousands of protesters calling for the fall of the Syrian regime in Daraa
World - Region
5/27/2011 12:30:00 PM
Syrian regime's security forces intensify its crackdown on the peaceful protesters, while world demands an immediate end to the use of force against civilians
World - Region
5/27/2011 12:07:59 PM
A draft statement prepared by G8 leaders threaten Syrian's regime to turn to the United Nations Security Council to impose binding sanction
World - Region
5/21/2011 10:51:15 AM
At least 44 people were killed during Friday protests against the Syrian regime according to a human right activist
World - Region
5/16/2011 6:09:53 PM
US administration accuses Syrian regime of stoking protests in the Golan Heights to shift the attention of its repression of anti-government peaceful protest
World - Region
5/16/2011 3:39:43 PM
Citizens discover mass grave in old part of the city of Daraa where the Syrian regime has been leading a massive crackdown over the last few weeks
World - Region
5/13/2011 11:51:36 AM
At least 850 people dead in the Syrian regime massive crackdown on the peaceful protesters since the start of the Syrian uprising
World - Region
5/12/2011 12:08:58 PM
Syrian regime security forces shelled residential areas in two towns and at least 19 people were killed across the country
World - Region
5/11/2011 11:02:13 AM
Ban Ki-moon calls on Syrian regime to stop using violence against civilians
World - Region
5/11/2011 11:02:04 AM
Syrian regime lead a heavy crackdown on the city of Homs using shelling and automatic gun fire
World - Region
5/8/2011 11:44:11 AM
Syrian regime lead brutal crackdown on the city of Banias, killing more than six protesters
Arts & Culture - Film
5/4/2011 5:22:36 PM
Jean-Luc Godard, Costa-Gavras, Howard Rodman and Juliette Binoche are among many working in the international film industry who have signed a declaration denouncing the Syrian regime's violent crackdown on protesters
World - Region
4/29/2011 2:23:14 PM
Muslim brotherhood in Syria accuses President Bashar Al-Assad's regime of administrating genocide in the country against peaceful protesters
World - Region
4/21/2011 12:41:04 PM
Hezb Ut-Tahrir calls for a Friday protest in support of the Syrian uprising, in defiance of a ban in Lebanon on demonstrations for or against the Syrian regime
World - Region
4/19/2011 1:49:15 PM
More than 20,000 people took to Homs' Al-Saa Square - now renamed Tahrir - and were confronted by Syrian security forces in a crackdown that killed six
World - Region
4/18/2011 5:33:40 PM
Hezbollah, Syrian regime's strong ally, announces its absolute support for the President Bashar al-Assad
World - Region
3/27/2011 4:03:36 PM
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton states the US will not resort to military action against the Syrian regime at this stage
World - Region
3/25/2011 12:44:28 PM
Syrian regime loosens security in Daraa, protests planned in Damascus and Deraa "Day of Dignity"
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