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World - International
7/27/2015 8:34:57 PM
World - International
5/3/2015 10:42:29 AM
Egypt - Politics
2/11/2015 7:07:00 PM
Egyptian human right groups hold interior ministry accountable for the Sunday stadium killings that left 20 dead and a dozen injured
World - International
1/22/2015 2:34:22 PM
World - Region
9/18/2014 6:01:57 PM
Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
9/3/2014 10:15:02 AM
Sudan fears Iranian cultural centres have become a threat to the Sunni country
World - Region
8/26/2014 9:26:05 PM
Meetings between Saudi and Iranian officials has been proceeding on higher levels in an attempt to thaw relations between the sunnis and the shiites powerhouses int he Middle Eaast
World - Region
8/23/2014 9:05:53 PM
Thousands of Shiites protested in Bahrain against what they say are attempts by the Sunni authorities to tip the kingdom's demographic balance in their favour by naturalising foreigners
Egypt - Civil Society
7/21/2014 3:42:59 PM
Save the Children NGO spent the sunset iftar meal with two refugee families from Syria and Sudan spending Ramadan in displaceement
Egypt - Politics
7/6/2014 1:59:51 PM
Mubarak, who broke his leg in a hospital fall last month, was not able to attend the Sunday session
World - Region
7/5/2014 12:46:32 PM
As the rebellion staged by Iraq’s Sunnis continues to capture the headlines, the question remains of where it is heading, writes Salah Nasrawi in the second of a three-part series
World - Region
6/19/2014 3:30:37 PM
The fall of the Sunni triangle to rebels in Iraq has raised fears of the remapping of the country
Multimedia -
2/22/2014 7:49:15 PM
Twice a year, on Feb 22, a day marking the king's birthday and on Oct 22, a day celebrating his coronation, sunlight illuminates the statues of the sun gods Re-Horakhte and Amon-Re, as well as a statue of king Ramses II
Arts & Culture - Film
1/23/2014 1:26:18 PM
A film that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival spotlights the story of Mossab Hassan Youssef, who worked as a spy for Israel's Shin Bet internal security services
Arts & Culture - Film
1/20/2014 11:14:03 AM
In a new documentary that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival Sunday 19 January, Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro spotlights his own artist father's woks in the New York City abstract expressionist art movement
Egypt - Politics
12/22/2013 10:34:21 AM
Egyptian activists Ahmed Douma, Mohamed Adel and Ahmed Maher are scheduled to hear court verdicts in cases brought against them Sunday after defying the newly enacted protest law
Life & Style - Health
11/10/2013 11:08:49 AM
Experts say SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is uncommon in Egypt, but that the upcoming winter might trigger the blues in some. Ahram Online offers a guide to understanding seasonal mood swings
World - Region
10/10/2013 3:15:54 PM
Thursday's ruling brings to 122 the number of Shias jailed since 29 September in connection with unrest in the Sunni-ruled Gulf kingdom
World - International
10/8/2013 2:21:24 PM
18 more bodies recovered Tuesday from within the sunk immigrant ship, which occurred Thursday
Books -
9/25/2013 11:47:36 AM
The List Muse's selection of the 100 best works of fiction, includes Mahfouz' 'The Cairo Trilogy', Elias Khoury's 'Gate of the Sun', Ibrahim Abdel Meguid's 'No One Sleeps in Alexandria' and Khaled Khalifa's 'In Praise of Hatred'
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