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Egypt - Politics
8/31/2011 1:02:40 PM
Another 15 Egyptian fishermen are detained in Libya and although a Libyan National Council member claims he doesn't know about it, he surmises they will release them if the boat is not connected to Gaddafi
Egypt - Politics
8/27/2011 4:29:50 PM
The head of Egypt's Military Council, Field Marshal Tantawi, meets with member of the newly recognized Libyan Transitional National Council
World - Region
8/22/2011 6:06:33 PM
Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr announces Egypt's recognition of Libya's transitional council and states that Egypt supported the opposition body from the beginning
World - Region
6/23/2011 1:17:14 PM
China moves a step closer to recognizing Libya's rebel Transitional National Council as NATO discusses the continuation of its bombing campaign to oust Gaddafi
World - Region
6/13/2011 12:35:12 PM
The United Arab Emirates follows in the footsteps of Qatar and Jordan by recognising the Transitional National Council as representative of the Libyan people
World - Region
6/9/2011 6:10:39 PM
Australia recognizes Libya's rebel Transitional National Council as the "legitimate interlocutor of the Libyan people"
World - Region
6/8/2011 11:22:05 AM
As Gaddafi announces continued defiance, NATO members agree in crisis meeting to increased military pressure in Libya. More participation is requested from inactive members.
Egypt - Politics
5/25/2011 5:21:59 PM
Egyptian ambassadors and ministers plan a visit to Benghazi for the first time since Gaddafi has been trying to violently quash a movement to oust him
Egypt - Politics
4/28/2011 12:17:28 PM
In an attempt to hold off tribal strife, a member of Libya's rebel council has met with chiefs of a Egyptian-Libyan border tribe that has been supporting Gaddafi against the popular uprising
World - Region
4/27/2011 4:31:18 PM
Fighting over Misrata intensifies as both sides eye the strategic importance of the port
World - Region
4/22/2011 12:01:24 PM
US senator McCain greeted by 50 in Benghazi before talks with rebel leaders in Libya
World - Region
4/14/2011 1:03:13 PM
Ban Ki Moon stresses the need for a political solution, as European Union foreign policy leader Catherine Ashton appeals to Gaddafi to step down immediately
World - Region
4/13/2011 3:31:27 PM
Libyan opposition member in Cairo, Mohamed Fayez Gebril, views positively the Doha meeting on Libya, which includes Libya’s Transitional National Council
World - Region
4/12/2011 3:23:11 PM
Libyan opposition fighters insist that Mussa Kussa was not going to be representing them in the international meeting to be held in Qatar
World - Region
4/11/2011 11:47:59 AM
Revolutionary rebels insist any ceasefire must require the withdrawal of Gaddafi troops
World - Region
4/7/2011 12:58:04 PM
The United States insists Gaddafi must stop attacks, mulls recognition of Transitional National Council
World - Region
4/4/2011 10:59:21 AM
World - Region
4/1/2011 2:25:05 PM
Opposition signals willingness to lay down arms if Gaddafi forces cease attacks on rebel-held cities
World - Region
3/29/2011 2:16:56 PM
US secretary of state meets with Libyan opposition leader amidst plans to send a special envoy to Eastern Benghazi for face-to-face communications, just shy of recognition of Libya's Transitional National Council
Egypt - Politics
3/26/2011 3:48:08 PM
Egyptian intellectuals form a committee whose aim is to gain recognition for the Libyan Transitional National Council

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