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Egypt - Politics
3/7/2013 5:13:16 PM
Egyptian activist Samira Ibrahim, who stood against Egyptian military's notorious 'virginity tests,' will be honoured by US State Department on Friday – despite activist's controversial past statements
World - International
1/26/2013 12:09:28 PM
US State Department reveals Washington's plan to spend $32 million to train African troops to fight Islamic extremists in Mali
World - Region
1/19/2013 11:10:45 AM
An American hostage is confirmed dead amid uncertainty over the fate of other foreigners held at an Algerian gas plant, with their captors demanding a prisoner swap and an end to French military action in Mali
World - Region
1/19/2013 10:41:56 AM
World - International
1/7/2013 11:16:24 AM
US State Department says Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will return to work on Monday after being briefly hospitalized for a few days in New York
World - Region
12/24/2012 2:22:55 PM
After the death of an elderly Iranian national following five-hour questioning by US customs officials, Tehran issues a travel warning against visiting the United States, citing Iranophobia
World - Region
12/16/2012 10:30:00 AM
Even though Syrian rebels now hold vast swathes of territory and have struck the heart of Damascus; al-Assad's regime has so far stood firm despite Western predictions of its imminent fall
World - International
11/29/2012 1:35:22 PM
Egypt's political forces must begin dialogue and reach compromise over constitutional crisis, US State Department spokesman says
World - Region
9/16/2012 1:01:59 PM
Security situation leads US State Department to order departure of family members and non-emergency personnel from embassies in Tunis and Khartoum
Egypt - Politics
8/16/2012 8:54:30 PM
US State department spokesperson says that legal actions against Al Dustour and Al Fareen channel's talk show host Tawfiq Okasha were counter to the spirit of 25 January revolution
Egypt - Politics
8/4/2012 2:53:30 PM
Religious extremism and weak governments are the major threats to religious freedoms across the world, claims a recently-issued US government report
World - International
6/9/2012 3:49:54 PM
US State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland says Washington is 'deeply concerned' about the sectarian violence in Myanmar as an angry Buddhist mob killed 10 Muslims on a bus
World - International
5/3/2012 12:52:43 PM
US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland says Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng changed his mind, wishes to leave to the US with family
Presidential elections 2012 - Presidential elections news
4/11/2012 6:23:29 PM
Overcrowding sees proceedings adjourned in the Salafist presidential contender's case -- examining allegations that his mother was a US national; a verdict is expected shortly
Egypt - Politics
1/12/2012 1:02:27 PM
US State Department's number two diplomat met with Muslim Brotherhood leaders on Wednesday, the highest-level contact between Washington and the once-banned group poised to dominate parliament since Mubarak's ouster
Egypt - Politics
1/6/2012 2:18:04 PM
US state department confirms Muslim Brotherhood says it would uphold peace treaty with Israel and respect international obligations
World - Region
11/5/2011 11:29:57 AM
Damascus strongly condemns Washington after the US State Department advised Syrians against surrendering following an amnesty for those who give up weapons
Egypt - Politics
10/10/2011 10:26:40 AM
Internet-fuelled rumours have US pledging to send forces to protect Copts in Egypt
World - Region
9/29/2011 1:37:18 PM
Syria's foreign ministry says the US State Department spokesman's comments encourage violence against the Syrian military
World - Region
9/14/2011 4:25:29 PM
Senior US State Department official Jeffrey Feltman says Washington respects the rights of Libyans in democracy in the post-Gaddafi reign
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