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5/24/2013 5:00:51 PM
Damascus calls the pan-Arab organisation to cancel all resolutions on Syria and apologise to the government and people
World - Region
4/20/2013 1:00:56 PM
Ten Jordanian policemen are injured in a clash with demonstrators in the Syrian refugee camp of Zaatari in a protest against living conditions
World - Region
4/13/2013 12:15:34 PM
Syrian state media slam U.N and Arab League envoy for Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, for being 'false witness' to the Syrian conflict
World - Region
4/11/2013 8:27:49 PM
Foreign ministers from the G8 group condemn 'in the strongest possible terms' North Korea's development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missile technology and call for more humanitarian aid to help civilians in Syria
World - International
3/5/2013 10:39:34 AM
World - International
2/14/2013 9:50:06 PM
British Foreign Secretary William Hague says war-torn Syria had become the "number one destination" for jihadists and Islamic extremists from around the world
World - Region
11/5/2012 2:06:22 PM
The Syrian army bombard rebel strongholds in southern Damascus with artillery and from the air, as feuding opposition meets in Qatar to seek common front and forge a cohesive leadership
World - Region
11/5/2012 12:02:59 PM
UN envoy to Syria says there is no military solution to the conflict, and that without a political process the crisis won't stay inside Syria but will flow to neighbouring countries and possibly distant countries
World - Region
11/5/2012 11:42:07 AM
Russian arms being sent to Damascus are part of old Soviet contracts and do not violate international law, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
World - Region
10/21/2012 1:06:23 PM
After Friday's car bombing kills top anti-Syrian General and calls ring for the premier's resignation, UN's Ban Ki-moon makes a supportive call to Lebanese PM Mikati
World - International
8/27/2012 1:21:02 PM
The Kenyan Islamist cleric who is on a US sanctions list for engaging in acts that directly or indirectly threaten the peace, security or stability of Somalia, is reportedly killed
World - Region
8/10/2012 11:45:27 AM
World - Region
7/18/2012 5:00:23 PM
As the exlosive situation unfolds in Damascus, the United Nations Security Council negotiates reactions and differences
World - Region
4/9/2012 10:15:16 AM
Human Rights Watch says Syrian security forces and the Al-Assad regime loyalists have carried out summary and extrajudicial executions against civilians and rebel fighters
World - Region
1/10/2012 3:09:04 PM
$20 billion is received so far by the country’s new government out of $150 billion frozen overseas by the United Nations Security Council
World - Region
12/20/2011 11:08:39 AM
On the day that Arab League finally agreed to send in team to observe Assad regime atrocities, more than 100 people were killed, including more than 60 army deserters as they fled their base to join the nine-month revolt
World - Region
10/10/2011 10:32:32 AM
Israeli police announce the arrest of a second suspect following arson attack on a mosque blamed on a pro-settler militant group, known by its slogan 'price tag'
World - Region
8/24/2011 2:50:09 PM
World - Region
7/12/2011 12:12:32 PM
France renewed its demand that the United Nations Security Council take a stance on the crisis in Syria on Tuesday, after mobs backing President Bashar Al-Assad attacked the US and French embassies
World - Region
5/27/2011 12:07:59 PM
A draft statement prepared by G8 leaders threaten Syrian's regime to turn to the United Nations Security Council to impose binding sanction
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