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World - International
7/16/2015 9:50:55 PM
World - International
7/12/2015 5:07:17 PM
Egypt - Politics
6/21/2015 7:30:12 PM
In April, an Egyptian court issued a verdict that stipulates that sit-ins by public servants are 'veiled strikes' and against Sharia
World - International
6/21/2015 9:37:23 AM
World - International
5/22/2015 6:03:12 PM
Opinion -
5/14/2015 2:39:51 PM
Amid the present furore over what is Islam, we should recall something important: the Egyptian Revolution was not anti-Islamic or pro-Islamic, but non-Islamic, aimed at breaking the police state/Islamic state duality
World - International
5/2/2015 8:47:05 PM
Egypt - Features
4/28/2015 11:51:31 PM
Calls for women to take off their veils at a demonstration in Cairo initiated debate over Islamic attire for women in Egypt
Egypt - Politics
4/28/2015 6:20:31 PM
The court, whichuphed the compulsory retirement of three employees who organised a sit-in at their no-strike provincial municipality, said the labor action must be treated as a criminalised strike
Opinion -
4/21/2015 4:15:28 PM
Calls for a 'take off the veil' rally in Cairo are not the way to improve religious tolerance in Egypt
Egypt - Politics
4/13/2015 7:39:44 PM
Writer Cherif Choubachy recently called on Muslim women to remove their veil at a Cairo rally this coming July
Egypt - Politics
3/23/2015 2:53:37 PM
A teacher in Egypt's Fayoum cut a strand of a pupil's hair as punishment for not wearing the veil
World - International
10/31/2014 11:19:47 AM
World - International
10/19/2014 7:47:04 PM
Egypt - Politics
10/15/2014 7:17:36 PM
Youness Makhioun said that women candidates in his party for the upcoming parliamentary elections should have 'good morals' and wear the head veil
Life & Style - Style
9/11/2014 12:12:51 PM
Ahram Online looks into the trend for turbans among young Egyptian women
World - Region
6/28/2014 1:49:38 PM
Amira Osman Hamed was arrested in Khartoum last year for failing to wear a headscarf
Books - Review
5/26/2014 3:11:02 PM
Republished, 'Financing and Normalisation', dealing with the founding, financing and influence of some civil society organisations, has always sparked controversy around this thorny issue
World - International
4/25/2014 6:52:50 PM
Life & Style - Style
3/27/2014 1:36:56 PM
Prominent Egyptian designer Hany El-Beheiry reveals a 5-km bridal veil, earning a place in the 2014 Guinness book of records
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