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World - Region
8/26/2013 9:16:55 AM
The United States faces failure just like in all the previous wars they waged, starting with Vietnam and up to our days, Syria's Al-Assad says
World - International
7/26/2013 3:13:50 PM
China claims nearly all of the strategically vital South China Sea, even waters close to the shores of its smaller neighbours, a regular flashpoint with smaller nations like Vietnam and the Philippines
World - Region
7/12/2013 12:06:05 AM
The US and Israel say Syria and Iran do not deserve to be on the UN Human Rights Council due to 'their egregious records on human rights' abuses
World - International
6/8/2013 9:59:37 AM
Where are people most unfaithful? Who uses sex toys? On a darker level, where is child rape more prevalent? French geographers have tried to answer these questions and others in a global atlas on sexuality
World - Region
3/12/2013 11:15:46 AM
Syria's estimated five million internet users are subject to rampant state spying, newly-published report says
Sports - World
3/6/2013 2:20:27 PM
England’s Premier League giants Arsenal will play a friendly against Vietnamese national team in July
World - International
1/22/2013 5:39:50 PM
The meeting between the two leaders comes in hopes of fostering collaboration between Catholic Church and the official atheist country
World - International
12/22/2012 9:21:49 AM
John Kerry will take over from Clinton, who has been consistently rated as the most popular member of the president's Cabinet; Obama hold off on naming a new defense secretary
World - International
12/8/2012 9:50:46 AM
China's police say up to 10,000 people joined in the rioting and over 20 police and customs vehicles were smashed or burned Dongxing city in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
World - Region
11/9/2012 3:21:43 PM
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visits Vietnam in a bid to create stronger ties against the anti-Tehran western spheres
World - International
8/3/2012 2:26:16 PM
Vietnam will host its first gay pride parade, organized by the small but growing Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community
World - International
7/25/2012 2:05:44 PM
An International Crisis Group report predicts conflict in the South China Sea as the 10-nation ASEAN grouping fails to reach agreement on resource shares
World - International
7/11/2012 11:43:20 AM
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lands in the communist Laos for a historic visit to discuss the legacy of the Vietnam war and a controversial dam project
Business - Economy
3/25/2012 1:16:29 PM
Amid signs that China's low-cost, high-reward paradigm is coming to an end, US-based firms are eyeing lower profits or relocating
World - International
9/15/2011 3:19:27 PM
Explosive TNT and a riffle found by Vietnamese authorities in the luggage of a passenger on a flight from France prompts an investigation
Business - Economy
8/13/2011 1:42:13 PM
World - International
7/25/2011 11:34:01 AM
Vietnam on Monday named a long time rival of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung as its new president, a largely symbolic post in the communist nation
Sports - World
7/23/2011 9:37:56 PM
China recovered from an early two-goal deficit to beat lowly-ranked Laos 7-2 on Saturday in the first leg of their World Cup qualifying match while Iran and Qatar got their campaigns off with victories over Maldives and Vietnam
Business - Economy
7/19/2011 11:50:00 AM
Al-Ghurair commodities to open a subsidiary in Vietnam and use the storage to supply fuel to neighbouring countries
Opinion -
6/2/2011 3:05:12 PM
While international law aims to promote peace, powerful states continue to celebrate violence and killing, as well as supplying the arms that allow for it
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