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World -
10/12/2016 4:28:17 PM
World - Region
9/5/2016 12:38:10 PM
According to Arab diplomats, the Saudis are very worried by the continued and inconclusive war they have been waging against the Iranian-supported Houthis in Yemen which the Saudis consider their immediate backyard
World - Region
8/24/2016 4:41:57 PM
World - Region
8/22/2016 9:40:00 PM
World - International
6/13/2016 9:06:00 PM
Egypt - Politics
4/16/2016 11:17:47 PM
Books - World
4/13/2016 2:41:24 PM
archaeologist used handwriting analysis technology similar to that employed by intelligence agencies and banks to analyze signatures
Heritage - Ancient Egypt
4/2/2016 10:11:57 AM
Ten hours of radar scanning of King Tutankhamun’s burial chamber produced no announced results. A further week of study and analysis is still required, says minister
Multimedia -
4/1/2016 12:00:07 PM
A radar surveys is set to confirm or deny claims that King Tutankhamun's tomb contains hidden undiscovered chambers
World - Region
2/17/2016 3:16:29 PM
With the restoration of control in Nehem, Saudi-backed pro-legitimacy forces in Yemen’s civil war are quickly approaching the capital Sanaa, the most difficult and decisive battle of all
World - International
1/27/2016 1:53:28 PM
Business - Economy
1/7/2016 10:33:11 PM
World - Region
1/5/2016 3:51:56 PM
While some analysts see the expansion of Islamic State in Libya as a response to the challenges IS faces in Syria and Iraq, it is more likely a component of ISIS regional expansion, rather than a shift in focus
Opinion -
11/27/2015 9:45:13 PM
The global community is united in its condemnation of terrorism, but strategic cooperation and critical analysis is needed to win the battle against violent extremism
Egypt - Politics
11/13/2015 3:14:00 PM
Civil aviation minister Hossam Kamal did not specify which country would receive the black box recording
Business - Economy
11/4/2015 2:17:41 PM
World - Region
9/9/2015 10:19:41 PM
In general, Israeli security institutions are not as alarmed by the Iran nuclear deal as the Netanyahu government. On the other hand, they suspect it won't stick
Egypt - Politics
9/4/2015 7:15:39 PM
The education ministry had dismissed student's claims of foul play based on forensics team's handwriting analysis
World - Region
8/26/2015 12:58:04 PM
World - Region
8/3/2015 9:53:45 AM
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