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Business - Economy
1/22/2012 4:18:23 PM
Egypt - Politics
1/22/2012 12:59:28 PM
Demonstrators plan marches to urge MPs to support calls for a military council hand-over of power to the elected lower house on January 25 anniversary
Egypt - Politics
1/22/2012 12:56:19 PM
Egypt's military council urges all to avoid calls that divide the nation insisting they only serve the nation's enemies
Egypt - Politics
1/22/2012 8:10:00 AM
Prominent blogger and military critic Maikel Nabil is among 1959 prisoners who would be released by Egypt’s ruling military on the anniversary of the January 25 revolution
Sports - Egyptian Football
1/21/2012 5:01:09 PM
The one-year anniversary of the January 25 revolution interrupts the 16th match day of the Egyptian Premier League
Egypt - Politics
1/21/2012 3:17:27 PM
Ahead of the anniversary of the January 25 Revolution, a women's march wound through downtown Cairo Friday calling for the demands of the revolution to be met
Egypt - Politics
1/21/2012 3:07:30 PM
On the eve of the first anniversary of Egypt's revolution, army officers sentenced to prison for demonstrating against the military regime start a hunger strike until the ruling SCAF steps down
Books -
1/21/2012 2:54:35 PM
Historically full of political drama and incident, this year's book fair comes amid the build-up to the first anniversary of the outbreak of the Egyptian revolution
Egypt - Politics
1/21/2012 2:14:43 PM
Hosni Mubarak’s trial has been postponed until Sunday, meanwhile his supporters chant outside the courthouse against the anticipated demonstrations on the revolution's upcoming anniversary
Egypt - Politics
1/20/2012 4:31:50 PM
Five days before the year anniversary of Egypt's revolution, protesters in Tahrir Square say they will occupy the square until the ruling military council hands over power
Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
1/20/2012 12:45:55 PM
One of Cairo's most successful, playful and satirical comic magazines celebrates its one year anniversary
Egypt - Politics
1/20/2012 12:05:58 PM
The Friday 5 days before the anniversary of Egypt's revolution will see demonstrations in Tahrir Square to mourn the loss of those killed in the last year, with activists pressing for large demonstrations on 25 Jan
World - Region
1/19/2012 5:33:06 PM
Protests take place in Turkey on the fifth anniversary of a Turkish-American journalist’s death
Egypt - Politics
1/19/2012 2:03:31 PM
Yaakov Amitai abruptly leaves country only days before Egyptians celebrate first anniversary of revolution that led to Mubarak's ouster
Arts & Culture - Film
1/19/2012 1:17:33 PM
The documentary film Tahrir 2011: The Good, The Bad and The Politician will be screened in the street a day before January 25 Revolution’s anniversary
Egypt - Politics
1/18/2012 3:02:12 PM
With one week to go until the anniversary celebrations of the January 25 Revolution, protest coalitions publicly condemn Tuesday's attack on the Tahrir Square sit-in
Egypt - Politics
1/17/2012 7:15:44 PM
Ahram Online investigates why Egypt's great liberal hope - Mohamed ElBaradei - decided to step down from the upcoming presidential race just days before the ongoing revolution's first anniversary
Egypt - 25 January: Revolution continues
1/16/2012 5:42:00 PM
A year after the revolution, Ahram Online looks at the Ultras — football fan groups in Egypt — and whether soon they might be motivated by more than mere hatred of the police
Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
1/15/2012 12:45:00 PM
Although the Egyptian revolution is far from over, a number of cultural venues across Egypt celebrate the revolution's one-year anniversary
World - Region
1/14/2012 7:13:10 PM
On the first anniversary of the Tunisian revolution, President Marzouki has assured Tunisians that the government will work day and night to meet their needs
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