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World - Region
10/30/2012 5:48:14 PM
After a string of assassinations specifically targeting media workers in Somalia, the United Nations human rights agency expressed concern and urges government to bring killers to justice
World - Region
10/25/2012 3:12:09 PM
US investigation team has arrived in Beirut to gather evidence at the scene of the bombing assassination a the country's police intelligence chief
World - Region
10/24/2012 12:04:01 PM
Sleiman seeks all-party talks as he assesses his chances of forming a new cabinet amid calls for premier to resign over late assassination of intelligence chief
World - Region
10/23/2012 7:38:50 PM
Lebanese army arranges ceasefire in Tripoli to end fights between Sunni and Alawite gunmen allegedly loyal to opposing sides of Syrian conflict;
World - Region
10/22/2012 9:55:31 PM
At least 6 people were killed in sectarian clashes across Lebanon following the arguably Syria-involved assassination of top intelligence official Wissam Al-Hassan
World - Region
10/22/2012 7:41:15 PM
Hezbollah, the most powerful faction in the cabinet, has made only one terse comment following the assassination of Lebanon's police intelligence chief Wissam Al-Hassan
World - Region
10/20/2012 5:43:21 PM
Damascus has emerged the prime suspect in the assassination of Lebanon's anti-Syrian police intelligence chief but his death is unlikely to plunge the country into chaos
World - Region
10/20/2012 1:05:00 PM
Wissam al-Hassan, one of eight people killed on Saturday in car bombing in the Lebanese capital, is reportedly a target for the Syrian regime due to his accusations that they were behind the assassination of Rafiq Hariri
World - Region
10/13/2012 3:39:28 PM
World - Region
10/2/2012 6:03:44 PM
Egypt - Politics
9/26/2012 4:25:23 PM
Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya leader Mostafa Hamza, detained for terrorist activity and attempt on Hosni Mubarak's life, released Tuesday by President Morsi's pardon
World - Region
9/23/2012 12:44:22 PM
World - Region
9/23/2012 12:35:11 PM
World - Region
9/6/2012 4:14:33 PM
World - Region
9/5/2012 8:20:16 PM
During Arab League meeting in Cairo, Arab foreign ministers demand probe into death of Yasser Arafat as part of renewed calls for investigations to be held over the cause of his death
World - Region
8/28/2012 6:58:17 PM
The Palestinian Authority welcomes a French decision to investigate the death of late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat
World - Region
8/28/2012 11:22:52 AM
World - International
7/15/2012 11:59:10 AM
Afghanistan's Higher Education Minister Obaidullah Obaid survives an assassination attempt but two of his bodyguards are injured while the high-profile politician was travelling from Baghlan to Kunduz
World - Region
7/4/2012 2:30:05 PM
A Yemeni police chief in the capital narrowly escaped an assassination attempt as explosives planted in his car blew up after he exited the vehicle
World - Region
6/14/2012 2:16:26 PM
Iran says it arrested a number of US and Israeli-affiliated elements suspected of being involved in the assassination of two Iranian nuclear scientists in 2010
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