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World - Region
12/3/2011 4:28:10 PM
Iraqi government says that the bombing attack earlier this week inside Baghdad's Green Zone was an assassination attempt against Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki
World - Region
11/25/2011 12:26:13 PM
Prime Minister Najib Mikati threatens government collapse if the Hezbollah-dominated Cabinet refuses to pay its stipulated share for the UN-backed tribunal charging Hezbollah members for 2005 assassination of PM Rafiq Hariri
World - Region
11/16/2011 6:45:09 PM
While not accusing Iran directly, Saudi Arabia is pushing for a UN resolution to condemn an alleged plot to kills its US envoy, calling on Iran to cooperate in the investigation
World - International
11/5/2011 11:51:59 AM
A Pakistani anti-terror court indicts two police officers and five alleged Taliban militants over the 2007 assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto
World - Region
10/31/2011 6:19:24 PM
Iran has formally complained to the US over claims the Iranian government was involved in an alleged plot to kill Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States
World - Region
10/28/2011 11:21:28 AM
The alleged Iranian plot to kill the Saudi ambassador in Washington has caused waves in diplomatic relations, but who is the real target?
World - Region
10/27/2011 10:09:19 AM
Iranian FM Ali Akbar Salehi says there are 150 names similar to the one requested by Interpol for the alleged Iranian plot to kill the Saudi envoy to the US
World - Region
10/24/2011 9:51:31 AM
The trial of an Iranian American accused of planing to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington begins
Egypt - Politics
10/21/2011 3:46:33 PM
The Building and Development Party calls on voters to support them in upcoming parliamentary elections at press conference attended by Aboud El-Zomor, who spent 30 years in jail for role in Sadat assassination
World - Region
10/21/2011 2:44:46 PM
European Union governments agree to impose sanctions on five people linked to an alleged Iranian plot to kill Saudi ambassador to the United States
World - Region
10/21/2011 11:12:13 AM
Iran's intelligence minister on Friday dismisses as "stupid" a US charge that Tehran planned to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington
World - Region
10/20/2011 11:54:45 AM
The United States expresses its concerns pertaining Iran's Quds Force, claiming it may have schemes for more aggressive operations beyond the alleged assassination plot to kill the Saudi ambassador in Washington
World - Region
10/16/2011 3:58:09 PM
Iran ratchets up war of words with Washington over alleged assassination plot as US consults allies on increasing economic pressure on Tehran
World - Region
10/16/2011 12:54:12 PM
Iran's President Ahmadinejad dismisses U.S. accusations that Iranian government agents plotted to kill the Saudi ambassador in the United States
World - Region
10/15/2011 2:33:55 PM
In his first reaction, Iran's supreme leader says that US "allegation" of assassinating Saudi Arabia ambassador to US, is Iran's supreme leader
World - Region
10/13/2011 12:32:54 PM
Iran urges Saudi Arabia not to believe US claims regarding Iran's involvement in the alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, describing such claims as 'pathetic and conspiratorial'
World - Region
10/13/2011 10:31:15 AM
Washington urges the international community to take firm action against Iran for an alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador there, a development described by Hillary Clinton as a 'dangerous escalation'
World - Region
10/12/2011 4:50:53 PM
Iran warns US against confrontation with Tehran over alleged Saudi ambassador assassination plot, saying the consequences will be dire
World - International
10/12/2011 4:04:41 PM
'He didn't seem all that political,' says long-time friend of Iranian national Manssor Arbabsiar, accused by US of targeting Saudi diplomat
World - International
10/12/2011 12:53:12 PM
US is set to expand its penalties against Iran based on allegations that Iranian agents tried to recruit a supposed member of a Mexican drug cartel to kill a Saudi envoy in the US
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