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Business - Economy
12/30/2014 5:03:19 PM
Business - Economy
9/25/2014 6:31:31 PM
Egypt's balance of payments in surplus despite low tourism as remittances and Arab aid increase
Business - Economy
6/13/2014 7:15:54 PM
Last year saw a deficit of $2.1 billion
Business - Economy
3/28/2014 8:18:31 PM
Balance of payments surplus is the outcome of capital inflow and foreign direct investment
Business - Economy
12/22/2013 3:14:30 PM
Despite a sharp decrease in tourism revenues, Egypt's balance of payments records a surplus thanks to Arab aids
Business - Economy
6/19/2013 4:57:16 PM
National balance of payments deficit shrinks to $2.1 billion as exports, tourism and foreign direct investment begin to bounce back, Egypts' central bank reports
Business - Economy
5/30/2013 4:59:06 PM
Downgrade comes as result of political uncertainty and poor finances at government-owned banks along with sizeable balance-of-payments pressures
Business - Economy
3/25/2013 1:01:14 PM
Increased customs tariffs will target 'luxury' goods, including sunglasses, videogames and baby formula milk in an effort to bridge Egypt's balance of payments deficit
Business - Economy
3/14/2013 6:16:50 PM
Increase in Egyptian expatriate remittances, foreign direct investment help narrow balance of payments deficit in the first half of 2012/13
Business - Economy
12/5/2012 3:03:53 PM
Balance of payments deficit falls to half a billion dollars in third quarter (July-September) partly due to increase in transfers from Egyptians living abroad
Business - Economy
10/31/2012 4:58:40 PM
Fund delegation has begun discussions with authorities in Cairo over long-awaited, controversial borrowing
Business - Economy
9/20/2012 9:58:45 AM
Global fund says it will send a mission to Egypt in coming weeks to further discuss $4.8 billion loan
Business - Economy
9/16/2012 8:03:18 PM
The surge in Egypt's trade deficit, with imports outstripping exports, continued in June, statistics body reports
Business - Economy
9/10/2012 4:15:36 PM
BOP deficit edges up a further $1.5bn in 2011/12 financial year, influenced by downturns in tourism and foreign investment
Business - Economy
8/15/2012 5:46:25 PM
Deposit from the gas-rich emirate should help Egypt's balance of payments, but experts say a loan will be crucial to carry out state spending plans
Business - Economy
6/11/2012 10:37:47 AM
Fall in investment and tourism sector helps widen Egypt's balance of payment deficit; difficulties partially offset by a surge in remittances from Egyptians abroad
Business - Economy
3/25/2012 6:57:57 PM
On the drop of direct foreign investment and outflow of capital and financial accounts, Egypt's balance of payment recorded a deficit in first 6 months of fiscal year 2011/2012
Business - Economy
12/22/2011 10:43:28 AM
Egyptian government bond ratings downgraded one notch to B2
Business - Economy
12/21/2011 11:22:14 AM
The plunge in FDI augmented $2.36 billion deficit in the balance of payments versus a surplus of $14.7 million a year earlier
Business - Economy
9/10/2011 1:38:52 PM
Egypt's transactions with the world slip to a $9.8 billion deficit for the 2010-2011 fiscal year, in sharp contrast to the $3.4 billion surplus the previous year, central bank figures show
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