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Business - Economy
5/30/2011 4:02:52 PM
Outflow of investments, decline in FDI and tourism income headlined the tremendous increase in BOP deficit
Business - Economy
5/22/2011 3:09:27 PM
Despite economic troubles and diminishing buying power, the number of purchases made by credit cards hasn't slowed - a good sign for both banks and consumers, say some
Business - Economy
5/18/2011 11:40:24 AM
Company cites a lack of cashflow from foreign operations and its dispute with Algeria as being behind the decision
Sports - Africa
5/10/2011 2:15:46 PM
FIFA was rocked by new allegations of corruption on Tuesday as the former head of England's 2018 World Cup bid accused senior officials of demanding cash and honours in return for votes
Business - Economy
5/9/2011 1:59:32 PM
Cash-strapped rebels have set up an office in Doha to organise oil sales
Business - Economy
5/5/2011 1:32:02 PM
The cashing of delayed profit share payments and permanent employment are on top of Al Ezz Ceramics and Porcelain Company workers' demands
Business - Economy
5/5/2011 11:22:18 AM
Libya's coalition asks for funds to help rebels, but it's clear that today's meeting in Rome on Libya won't provide 'a cash envelope'
World - Region
5/1/2011 1:29:02 PM
Israel is suspending the transfer of Palestinian tax and customs fees to the Palestinian Authority (PA) until it is sure the money will not reach Hamas
Business - Economy
4/22/2011 11:09:33 AM
Money-strapped Libyans are cashing in their jewellery, prompting a surge in local gold prices mirroring that in the global economy
Business - Economy
4/5/2011 3:43:25 PM
High global energy prices are giving monarchies cash to spend their way out of trouble, say analysts
Business - Economy
3/27/2011 4:21:16 PM
Media reports suggest Libyan dictator Gaddafi has US$30bn stashed in Austria
Business - Economy
3/22/2011 12:10:56 PM
Campaigners suspect asset transfers to Dubai during final days of power
Business - Economy
3/20/2011 11:28:45 AM
Pharma firm cites 14 per cent climb, proposes cash dividends
World - Region
3/9/2011 5:26:00 PM
Poverty-stricken Jordanians tell of disappointment over cash aid rumor
Sports - Egyptian Football
3/1/2011 1:07:56 PM
Cash-strapped Egyptian Football Association looks at ways of cutting spiraling costs
Business - Economy
2/21/2011 7:24:00 AM
Committees formed to track down cash from Development Fund set up to handle post-2003 oil revenue
Business - Economy
2/4/2011 8:13:00 AM
In a step that might allow money flee, Egypt's central bank announced allowing unlimited transfers abroad starting Sunday
Business - Region
1/18/2011 12:23:48 PM
Free food and cash grants were given by the government of Kuwait to its citizens in celebration of its independence
Business - Region
1/18/2011 10:45:00 AM
Qatar central bank is set to control liquidity and avoid large cash inflows in 2011, in an effort to limit instability
Business - Region
12/22/2010 11:59:00 PM
Iran is withdrawing middle class subsidies by cash transfers to the poor, a step that
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