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Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
3/27/2020 4:27:00 PM
Falling oil and natural gas prices worldwide due to the spread of the coronavirus have pushed down local prices for industry
Business - Economy
11/3/2018 10:42:06 PM
Egypt is just months away from eliminating import tariffs on European cars, though this will not necessarily mean cheaper cars for Egyptian consumers
Business - Economy
6/2/2018 2:10:49 PM
Import tariffs on European cars are to be eliminated, but this is unlikely to lead to cheaper prices for consumers
Travel - News
7/24/2017 2:29:16 PM
Hostels are not just cheaper than hotels, they're often more fun
Business - Economy
8/16/2016 5:32:55 PM
The new line of product has been sponsored by a Saudi-based jewelry manufacturer
World - International
7/26/2016 9:00:27 PM
Business - Economy
5/25/2016 1:31:31 PM
Business - Economy
11/7/2014 6:39:40 PM
Price cuts come after last month's introduction of temporary import tariffs to protect local steel makers from influx of cheaper steel from abroad
Business - Economy
9/18/2014 5:46:38 PM
Falling oil prices may help Arab economies ravaged by Arab Spring uprisings without doing major damage to Gulf's oil exporters
Business - Economy
9/11/2013 12:28:11 PM
Apple is discontinuing the iPhone 5 released last fall, replacing it with the cheaper iPhone 5C and the high-end iPhone 5S
Life & Style - Health
8/27/2013 11:41:49 AM
Instead of spending tens of thousands of pounds on attaining IVF results, doctors are stessing that cheaper methods will do
Business - Economy
7/6/2013 2:31:20 PM
Iranian central bank cancels subsidized, cheaper rater for foreign currency; price of dollar still far lower than in Iran's unofficial market where most Iranians can access hard currency
Business - Economy
6/13/2013 5:38:36 PM
Apple aims at introducing bigger screens for the iPhone over the next year, in an attempt to claw back market share from rival Samsung
Business - Economy
5/22/2013 3:07:57 PM
Number of tourists visited Japan in April rise 18 percent compared to the last year due to the cheap yen
Sports - Egyptian Football
5/5/2013 2:08:53 PM
With domestic football at a near standstill, the window is open for cheaper transfers abroad, allowing many Egyptian star players to fulfill long-held dreams
Business - Economy
2/24/2013 3:40:45 PM
Protesters in Bulgaria march in major cities for cheaper energy bills and voting reform
Business - Economy
9/28/2012 2:08:23 PM
Brent crude reaches $113 a barrel as demand increases due to cheaper US product and positive sentiments after Spain approved a comprehensive austerity plan
Business - Economy
8/16/2012 12:45:24 PM
Analysts say the real growth in China is in smartphones cheaper than Apple's iPhone, where a wide variety of models at different prices appeal to first-time buyers
Business - Economy
5/3/2012 11:40:59 AM
Global prices slip on the back of cheaper grains and sugar with the decline likely to continue in the short-term
World - International
3/29/2012 11:48:06 AM
Spanish workers strike against labor reform saying it makes it cheaper for companies to fire people and dismantles system of collective bargaining
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