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World - Region
4/18/2019 12:00:00 AM
Two parliaments, a legitimate government and a militia: Yemen’s political stage can hardly become more complicated, writes Ahmed Eleiba
World - Region
2/16/2019 12:51:58 PM
World - Region
2/8/2019 9:54:20 PM
Books -
1/5/2019 2:21:28 PM
The authors conclude that at present there is just one clear winner from the uprising and civil war: Al-Assad himself
Life & Style - Health
12/27/2018 8:55:48 PM
One Syrian woman, Hala Droubi talks about her initiative to help devastated Syrian women make ends meet
World - Region
9/26/2018 5:39:31 PM
World - Region
9/16/2018 3:52:53 PM
Opinion -
9/7/2018 12:20:06 PM
The endgame is in sight for the Syrian Civil War. But after the guns fall silent, the task will still remain of managing the aftermath
World - Region
9/6/2018 3:39:43 PM
Opinion -
8/15/2018 8:46:06 PM
Abdel Moneim Said reflects on one of the greatest military leaders in US history — a man who fought to preserve the union and abolish slavery
Opinion -
8/15/2018 8:19:59 PM
The five million Syrian refugees will doubtless one day return to their homeland after seven years of civil war, but they cannot be forced to do so
Egypt - Politics
6/28/2018 12:23:58 PM
The country’s civil war started in 2013, less than two years after South Sudan won independence from Sudan
World - Region
6/13/2018 12:59:31 PM
The Sadr-Ameri pact could ease fears of violence, which some have said could even spiral into intra-Shia civil war
World - Region
6/11/2018 10:23:25 PM
World - Region
6/2/2018 1:43:49 PM
Developments over the past few weeks in Syria indicate that Russia is trying hard to distance itself from Iran
Egypt - Politics
4/14/2018 1:38:48 PM
On Saturday, Damascus witnessed a string of powerful blasts, the result of joint military strikes by the US, France and Britain against the Bashar Al-Assad regime, a week after the suspected deadly gas attack on Douma
World - International
4/9/2018 5:41:11 PM
Opinion -
3/9/2018 12:08:39 PM
All states curtail freedoms in times of war or national emergency, including states that champion civil liberties
Opinion -
2/21/2018 5:49:14 PM
The Middle East region of 2018 is different from that of 2011, with interests having changed, but political geographyonce again in the ascendant
World - Region
2/17/2018 11:40:00 AM
The business of conflict is common practice, and nowhere are business interests trying to get rich from civil wars more than in Iraq
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