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World - Region
11/10/2013 1:29:48 PM
The World Health Organisation announced that MERS has so far cost 64 lives worldwide as experts remain struggling to understand the disease
Life & Style - Health
11/7/2013 12:49:45 PM
A new research links quantity of sleep to health
World - Region
10/25/2013 2:54:34 PM
The WHO warned that Syria might be facing its first outbreak of the crippling disease since 1999, after two suspected polio cases were detected in the eastern Deir Al Zour province
World - Region
8/27/2013 12:46:29 PM
Second case of coronavirus is discovered in Qatar this week
Life & Style - Health
7/11/2013 2:07:13 PM
New reseach probes the relation between two of the most feared and devastating diseases — Alzheimer's and cancer
Life & Style - Health
5/29/2013 1:27:36 PM
People exposed to certain commonly used pesticides are at higher risk of Parkinson's disease, researchers say
Life & Style - Health
5/21/2013 1:18:14 PM
Multiple sclerosis experts say adhering to treatments and using breakthrough medications can greatly reduce relapses and deterioration, but patients still face challenges in Egypt
Books -
5/14/2013 3:05:01 PM
Latest book by renowned award-winning Egyptian Author, Gamal El-Ghitany, recalls his experience with disease and recovery
World - Region
5/12/2013 8:54:52 PM
Coronavisus – a disease similar to the SARS virus – infects family in Saudi Arabia, marking first cases to appear in Middle East region
World - International
4/7/2013 11:42:27 AM
China confirms 18 cases of the H7N9 strain of avian influenza, ordering schools nationwide to 'guarantee' the health of students and teachers against the virus
Life & Style - Health
3/7/2013 10:49:17 AM
A new study proves that curbing your salt cravings may protect you from autoimmune disease
Life & Style - Health
2/4/2013 3:40:40 PM
Opting for vegetarian lifestyle could ward off threat of heart disease by 32 per cent, according to recent Oxford study
Life & Style - Health
1/30/2013 4:04:18 PM
While not as lethal as contaminated poultry, leafy greens like spinach and lettuce are the leading cause of food poisoning.
Business - Economy
12/18/2012 12:18:32 PM
Egypt bans purchases from Brazilian beef maker where a case of mad cow disease was confirmed this month
Life & Style - Health
12/16/2012 12:11:55 PM
A major global study that investigates into the life expectancy of people around the world and top causes of death reveal inrtriguing results.
Life & Style - Health
11/14/2012 1:28:34 PM
A research gives another reason to stay away from pesticides and protect head from injury.
Life & Style - Health
11/8/2012 3:38:37 PM
New research suggests direct link between signs of aging – receding hairlines, creases near earlobes, etc – and heart disease
Life & Style - Health
11/6/2012 4:12:55 PM
Altough commonly used among elders, supplements showed mixed results in the protection against many diseases.
Life & Style - Health
10/11/2012 3:54:03 PM
October is marked worldwide as the month of breast cancer awareness. This year, BCF of Egypt offers a range of events focusing on the value of exercise to fight the deadly disease
Life & Style - Health
10/4/2012 11:58:33 AM
People with heart disease who drink, even moderately, may have a slightly increased risk of a common heart rhythm problem, a new study suggests
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