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Al-Ahram Weekly - Features
10/22/2019 10:30:08 PM
The increase in Egypt’s tourism figures is giving new strength to the nation’s small but well-branded alcoholic drinks industry, reports Dina Ezzat
Life & Style - Health
9/4/2019 5:44:10 PM
Risk of premature death was heightened in those who consumed 2 or more glasses per day of soft drinks
Business - Economy
8/20/2019 7:30:49 PM
Life & Style - Health
3/19/2019 1:09:34 PM
It was associated with a 28 percent higher risk of early death from any cause, a 31 percent higher risk of death from heart disease and a 16 percent increased risk of death from cancer
Life & Style - Food
2/5/2019 4:03:07 PM
The lure of a pub, the dishes of a restaurant, and a midnight band is what Tia Maria offers customers
Life & Style - Health
1/8/2019 1:00:54 PM
Drinking mainly sodas and sweetened fruit drinks was associated with a 61 percent higher risk of kidney disease
Sports - World
8/31/2018 7:12:09 PM
Life & Style - Health
8/13/2018 9:30:45 AM
some of those who start consuming these drinks compensate by eating and drinking more calories elsewhere.
Life & Style - Health
3/8/2018 11:24:03 AM
Every 10 percent increase in the amount of heavily processed foods and drinks people consumed was associated with a 12 percent higher risk of developing all cancers
Travel - News
6/5/2017 1:11:41 PM
If you are after some nice beaches, beautiful churches, great music, delicious food and drinks at reasonable prices, then Cyprus is your summer Holiday destination
Life & Style - Health
4/27/2017 12:51:00 PM
Manufacturers and fans of these products claim they are as safe as caffeine, but there is little evidence to support that claim
Life & Style - Health
10/11/2016 8:27:00 PM
Prevalence of obesity worldwide more than doubled between 1980 and 2014, with nearly 40 percent of people globally overweight.
Life & Style - Health
6/15/2016 2:32:54 PM
World - Region
3/13/2016 10:57:31 AM
Life & Style - Food
8/12/2015 12:00:00 PM
In Retro, the atmosphere is right and so is the food for catching up with friends you have not seen in a very long time
Life & Style - Food
7/29/2015 5:17:33 PM
Ahram Online steps into the historic Café Riche in downtown Cairo
World - International
5/27/2015 6:34:21 PM
Business - Economy
6/18/2014 6:10:34 PM
Soft drinks maker plans to spend $500m in Egypt over next 3 years, says MENA president
Life & Style - Health
5/6/2014 8:47:03 AM
A potentially harmful additive will be withdrawn from some of Coca-Cola drinks
Life & Style - Health
8/6/2013 3:17:31 PM
A study confirms the direct relation between obesity in specifically young children and frequent consumption of juices or sodas
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