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World - Region
10/19/2012 4:21:38 PM
Detonation of explosive device near Israel's border with Gaza on Friday damages Israeli military vehicle but causes no injuries
World - International
9/8/2012 2:44:48 PM
In the latest example of how Taliban militants are able to strike the heart of Kabul, a suicide bomber detonates explosives near the NATO headquarters in Afghanistan's capital, killing six civilians
Egypt - Politics
8/7/2012 12:49:43 PM
Israeli spokesman confirms transfer to Egypt of bodies of 'six to eight' gunmen allegedly involved in Sunday's attack in Sinai; one of the attackers reportedly carried explosives
World - Region
8/5/2012 1:08:15 PM
An Al-Qaeda suicide bomber detonates an explosive belt during a mourning ceremony organised by the Popular Resistance Committees in Jaar, killing at least 45 and injuring dozens
World - International
8/2/2012 3:47:15 PM
Spanish police arrest three suspected Al-Qaeda members in possession of explosives they allegedly planned to use against European country targets
World - Region
8/1/2012 4:08:13 PM
Libya's military intelligence building in eastern Benghazi destroyed by what appeared to be an improvised explosive devise
World - Region
7/27/2012 11:49:03 AM
World - International
7/22/2012 11:50:58 AM
Investigations show the Colorado shooter was carefully planning the rampage beforehand; police dismantle explosives set up in suspect's apartment
World - Region
7/4/2012 2:30:05 PM
A Yemeni police chief in the capital narrowly escaped an assassination attempt as explosives planted in his car blew up after he exited the vehicle
World - Region
6/28/2012 1:19:51 PM
After Bahraini security forces seized materials and tools used in the manufacture of explosive devices, a search operation is underway for three suspects believed to be involved in plotting attacks in the Gulf Island
World - Region
6/24/2012 6:40:19 PM
Attackers with guns and explosives raid a jail in a restive Nigerian city, leaving four prison guards dead, and 40 inmates freed
World - Region
6/20/2012 10:11:09 AM
Plot by Al-Qaeda militants to attack several foreign embassies in Sanna is foiled after suspects are detained carrying weapons and explosives, as state media reports
World - International
6/17/2012 7:52:07 PM
Three churches attacked in Nigeria's north Sunday killing 21 people; police prevented explosive laden cars from exploding and causing even more casualties
World - Region
6/8/2012 12:34:35 PM
The IAEA and Iran meet in Vienna to push for access in the Iranian Parchin military base where it is believed suspicious explosives testing was carried out before power
World - Region
5/25/2012 4:02:26 PM
A vehicle laden with explosives drove into a school-turned Shiite base in Yemen
World - International
5/23/2012 6:08:41 PM
Afghan intlligence agents arrest five suicide bombers with hundreds of kilos of explosives near Kabul international airport; it was not immediately clear if the would-be bombers intended to attack the airport
World - International
5/19/2012 4:27:38 PM
Three NATO summit protesters were charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism in Chicago, as they were accused of planning to use Molotov cocktails and possession of an explosive device
World - International
5/2/2012 2:43:11 PM
An FBI informant unveils plot by anarchists to blow up bridge near Cleveland Ohio after working with them and providing them with fake explosives
World - Region
4/29/2012 9:51:43 AM
Lebanese intelligence officers are questioning the crew of a ship, intercepted by the army, which contained heavy machine guns, shells, rockets, rocket launchers and other explosives 'destined for Syrian rebel forces'
World - Region
4/21/2012 4:02:10 PM
Afghan security arrested five members at Pakistan Taliban, with 11 tons of explosives intended to be used in massive attacks in Kabul as well as the assassination of the vice president
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