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Egypt - Politics
12/29/2013 6:04:15 PM
Protests and clashes continue at Al-Azhar University despite the intervention of security forces and the detention of students
World - International
12/26/2013 8:22:04 PM
Egypt - Politics
12/22/2013 11:48:05 AM
Lead Social Democratic Party will vote yes to the constitution, despite reservations on some articles and the late intervention of the military on select wording
Egypt - Politics
12/20/2013 6:03:37 PM
Egyptian preacher warns of possible 'foreign intervention' if the constitution is not approved at the upcoming referendum
World - International
12/5/2013 6:19:46 PM
World - Region
12/5/2013 5:06:27 PM
Egypt - Politics
11/21/2013 9:32:42 PM
Egyptian university activists speak out against Wednesday decision sanctioning police intervention on campuses; vow to defy it
Egypt - Politics
9/30/2013 11:07:10 AM
The recently formed The Way of The Revolution Front rouses school and university students to protest at the Ministry of Education Wednesday against security 'intervention in student affairs'
Egypt - Politics
9/29/2013 1:07:14 PM
Influential Muslim cleric Yusuf Al-Qaradawi is accused of 'high treason' by Azhar scholars after demanding foreign intervention to solve Egypt's political crisis
World - Region
9/26/2013 6:33:48 PM
Assad confirms that the Syrian regime intends to abide by its agreement to relinquish its chemical weapons arsenal to UN inspectors, against threats of US intervention
World - International
9/22/2013 1:31:10 PM
The Israeli intervention came 26 hours after gunmen walked into a Nairobi shopping mall, killing at least 59 people
World - Region
9/21/2013 4:44:39 PM
Though adamantly against foreign intervention in Syria, Russia may change its position if Assad does not cooperate with the UN Security Council by handing over his chemical weapons arsenal
World - Region
9/9/2013 3:32:42 PM
CNN sample poll shows almost 60 percent of Americans oppose US military action in Syria
World - Region
9/8/2013 4:01:07 PM
Iran's fM says military action option barred by the UN charter, dismissing ground for intervention in Syria
World - Region
9/8/2013 9:52:44 AM
Iran is one of Al-Assad regime's staunchest supporters who oppose US plans for military intervention in Syria
World - Region
9/7/2013 2:40:20 PM
The Gulf Cooperation Council supports an international intervention in Syria, statement says
World - Region
9/7/2013 2:40:04 PM
'This would not be another Iraq or Afghanistan,' Obama tells Americans who are concerned about a protracted war with yet another Middle Eastern country
World - Region
9/7/2013 10:46:42 AM
European foreign ministers might ask John Kerry to be leery with intervention in Syria until UN report on whether chemical weapons were used is released
Egypt - Politics
9/6/2013 5:56:56 PM
Protesters gather in Cairo to reject possible military intervention in Syria
World - Region
9/6/2013 1:21:13 PM
Parliament chief Jihad Al-Lahham described any military intervention as illegal, state news agency reported
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