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Sports - World
1/9/2016 1:01:21 PM
FIFA's ethics tribunal earlier said it had provided Sepp Blatter and Platini with the reasons for its decision to ban them
Folk - Folk Arts
1/8/2016 12:12:16 PM
The judge of children complained to himself
Egypt - Politics
1/6/2016 5:18:11 PM
A news piece was published in 2014 by the state-owned website accused Ahmed El-Zend of using his post at the time, as the head of the Judges Club, to sell land owned by the club to his relative
Egypt - Politics
1/6/2016 4:12:04 PM
Egypt - Politics
1/5/2016 2:44:28 PM
Mahmoud El-Khodeiry was sentenced in the same case as a number of Muslim Brotherhood figures for torturing an opponent protester during the 2011 Tahrir Square sit-in
Egypt - Politics
1/5/2016 11:16:20 AM
Judge Nagy Shehata has presided over a number of high profile cases in recent years and is well-known for handing down numerous mass death sentences
Egypt - Politics
12/14/2015 9:15:25 PM
Judge Nagy Shehata accused Al-Watan newspaper of fabricating an interview where he allegedly expressed controversial views on the 2011 revolution and prominent Egyptian TV hosts
Egypt - Egypt Elections 2015
12/5/2015 7:26:08 PM
Judge Ahmed Saad was selected by the board of the State Council to be appointed the new secretary-general of Egypt's parliament, following the resignation of Khaled Al-Sadr
Egypt - Egypt Elections 2015
12/1/2015 6:26:43 PM
A total number of 16,000 judges, state council members, prosecutors and administrative prosecutors have taken the responsibility of supervising polling stations in both stages
Egypt - Politics
11/25/2015 7:29:49 PM
On Tuesday seven people, including judicial officials and security personnel, were killed and eight injured in a terror attack in North Sinai
Egypt - Politics
11/24/2015 8:41:00 PM
Judge, prosecutor, four security personnel and one civilian die in attacks launched in North Sinai by ISIS-affiliated militant group Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis
Egypt - Politics
11/24/2015 3:30:11 PM
Folk - Folk Arts
10/27/2015 2:30:45 PM
The impartial eye is the best judge
Folk - Folk Arts
10/25/2015 12:32:16 PM
What we can see is for us to judge and what is hidden is for God
World - International
10/24/2015 9:39:11 PM
Egypt - Politics
10/20/2015 3:42:36 PM
Mansour is accused of attacking his son's competitor at a polling station in Giza; the former judge vents against accuser on live TV
Egypt - Egypt Elections 2015
10/20/2015 1:00:00 PM
The judge responsible for the missing ballot box could not be reached for over nine hours
Egypt - Egypt Elections 2015
10/18/2015 11:14:19 PM
The cabinet gives state workers a half-day off Monday to vote; no major incidents mar polling; women out-vote men; HEC says citizens with expired national ID can participate Monday
Egypt - Egypt Elections 2015
10/16/2015 9:16:00 PM
Egypt - Politics
9/22/2015 6:47:24 PM
This is the second time that Ahmed Ezz has been disqualified from running in parliamentary elections
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