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Egypt - Politics
5/7/2013 10:55:23 PM
Opponents of judicial authority bill say law aims to 'Brotherhoodise' judiciary, while bill's Islamist proponents say legislation is needed to 'purge' Egypt of Mubarak-era judges
Opinion -
5/1/2013 6:28:12 PM
The Muslim Brotherhood is not interested in purging, but rather hijacking Egypt's judiciary
Egypt - Politics
5/1/2013 5:52:50 PM
President's legal advisory team will likely include several Muslim Brotherhood figures, according to informed source quoted by Turkish news agency
Egypt - Politics
4/30/2013 7:35:05 PM
Egypt's highest judicial authority invites President Morsi to visit the High Court following an earlier meeting aimed at containing mounting tension between judges and the presidency
Egypt - Politics
4/30/2013 7:03:53 PM
Prosecutors call for lifting prominent judge's judicial immunity following complaints he had encouraged foreign interference in Egypt's affairs
Egypt -
4/30/2013 5:41:10 PM
Appeal court will decide in late May whether to order change of judges in case regarding appointment of Prosecutor-General Talaat Abdullah
Egypt - Politics
4/30/2013 1:33:19 PM
Ahmed El-Zend is to hold a press conference on Tuesday afternoon to announce his position on a planned judicial reforms conference
Egypt - Politics
4/29/2013 1:10:30 PM
Opposition groups cancel Monday's scheduled march to Shura Council after President Morsi offers hope of compromise on judicial authority law
Egypt - Politics
4/28/2013 9:16:54 PM
After Sunday meeting between presidency and heads of judicial agencies, President Morsi promises to adopt judges's proposal for new judicial authority law
Egypt - Politics
4/28/2013 4:59:47 PM
Egypt - Politics
4/27/2013 10:14:14 PM
Al-Watan Party's Yosri Hammad says the head of Egypt's Judges Club could face the death penalty 'for seeking foreign intervention in the country'
Egypt - Politics
4/27/2013 10:05:57 PM
A meeting between President Morsi and a number of head judges will attempt to find an exit from the ongoing presidential-judiciary crisis in the country
Egypt - Politics
4/27/2013 7:04:53 PM
The Islamist-dominated National Conscience Front has called for the head of the Judges Club to be held accountable for statements seen as calling for US intervention in Egyptian affairs
Egypt - Politics
4/27/2013 11:16:35 AM
Assem Abdel Maged prefers to spare the Islamist group he is a leading member of any responsibility for his increasingly bolder stances - like his controversial call to protest at judges' homes
Egypt - Politics
4/26/2013 2:12:56 PM
Elections for a new head of Al-Azhar University come after 500 students were hospitalised for food poisoning earlier this month
Egypt - Politics
4/26/2013 11:45:41 AM
Head of state body the National Council for Human Rights argued that the law should be discussed by the House of Representatives once it is elected
Egypt - Politics
4/25/2013 10:45:02 PM
Muslim Brotherhood and seven other Islamist groups call off planned Friday rally against Mubarak-era judiciary to allow for 'rational' discussion of judicial authority law
World - International
4/25/2013 7:18:15 PM
Pakistan's Federal Investigative Agency formally arrests former president Musharraf over the murder of former PM Benazir Bhutto
Egypt - Politics
4/24/2013 8:42:51 PM
Rift between presidency and judges grows wider as unofficial judges union brands Islamist critics 'degraded and dishonest'
Egypt - Politics
4/23/2013 5:10:03 PM
As Egypt's Islamist parties call for the 'purging of the judiciary' using the Shura Council to amend the judicial authority law, judges warn of loss of judicial independence
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