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World - International
3/12/2014 8:25:28 PM
The New York Times reported that two died as a result of the explosion in East Harlem
World - International
3/9/2014 9:34:20 AM
Sports - Omni Sports
3/4/2014 1:40:10 PM
Egypt - Politics
2/25/2014 9:54:18 PM
Human rights advocacy group Amnesty International calls for the release of two journalists facing a military court for allegedly leaking El-Sisi interviews
World - Region
2/25/2014 5:08:59 PM
World - Region
2/25/2014 12:25:21 PM
World - Region
2/17/2014 6:05:51 PM
World - International
1/29/2014 7:34:50 PM
Egypt - Politics
1/27/2014 6:47:05 PM
According to head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Members of 'Judges for Egypt' group leaked results from 2012 presidential elections to the Freedom and Justice Party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood
World - International
1/21/2014 6:07:07 PM
Egypt - Politics
1/9/2014 7:00:13 PM
Interior ministry says it has nothing to do with leaked recordings of Egyptian activists aired by Abdel-Rehim Ali on a private TV channel
Egypt - Politics
1/7/2014 6:47:06 PM
Hot air balloon accident that killed 19 tourists in Luxor in February 2013 was caused by a fuel leak, says official report
Egypt - Politics
1/1/2014 1:00:00 AM
Egyptian rights groups decry the broadcast of 'phone recordings' of activists, call on prosecution to take action against illegal eavesdropping and broadcasting private conversations
World - International
12/24/2013 10:22:57 AM
Egypt - Politics
12/23/2013 3:37:55 PM
Egyptian youth group condemns 'fabricated' allegations in 'intelligence-directed' media that it serves foreign agenda after leaders' phone calls leaked
World - International
11/7/2013 6:02:16 PM
World - International
11/2/2013 3:05:01 PM
Malaysia summoned the US and Australian mission heads to hand over a protest note in response to the alleged spying activities carried out by the two embassies in Kuala Lumpur
World - International
10/28/2013 5:49:34 PM
Like other European countries, Spain committed to gradually close unprofitable coalmines in next few years
World - International
10/26/2013 10:32:12 AM
'What Snowden did, has put Americans at greater risk, because terrorists learn from leaks and they will be more careful,' the CIA's former number-two ranking official said
World - International
10/24/2013 8:43:46 PM
Former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright says 'countries spy on each other; this is not a surprise to people'
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