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Heritage - Museums
8/31/2013 3:00:40 PM
Five more artefacts looted from Malawi National Museum retrieved today
Heritage - Museums
8/26/2013 12:16:28 PM
Antiquities Police recovers a collection of 25 gold coins recently looted from Malawi Museum
Heritage - Museums
8/25/2013 10:29:18 AM
Some 16 objects reported missing from Malawi National Museum in Upper Egypt after it was looted 15 August have been recovered
Heritage - Museums
8/19/2013 1:46:30 PM
Two statuettes of the god Osiris which were looted on Wednesday from Malawi National Museum were returned
Heritage - Museums
8/16/2013 4:21:15 PM
Early investigations reveal that the Malawi National Museum in Al-Minya has been nearly completed looted
Heritage - Museums
8/15/2013 5:56:51 PM
Malawi National Museum in Upper Egyptian city of Minya damaged, looted by rioters during deadly clashes across Egypt
Multimedia -
7/1/2013 3:47:47 PM
Cairo headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood is looted after a night of violent clashes, which killed 8
Heritage - Ancient Egypt
6/15/2013 12:07:15 PM
A nobles' tomb site, not yet fully excavated, has been looted in Aswan
Business - Economy
6/13/2013 7:06:46 PM
In line with UN rules, South Africa pledges to repatriate Libyan looted funds, including diamonds and gold worth more than $1 billion
Business - Economy
5/23/2013 1:23:38 PM
Swiss authorities propose a new draft law will help other countries to retrieve its looted funds from Switzerland
Business - Economy
4/11/2013 3:31:52 PM
Tunisia sees the first retrieval of its looted funds by the ousted president Ben Ali
World - International
3/25/2013 8:26:34 PM
Looters raided UN offices and staff homes when rebels overran the capital of the Central African Republic, a spokesman said Monday.
Business - Economy
1/13/2013 5:13:28 PM
Former finance minister Youssef Boutros-Ghali, former trade minister Rashid Mohamed Rashid reportedly among those to have requested settlement with Egyptian authorities
World - International
12/19/2012 2:58:24 PM
A tanker was attacked and looted and five of its crew members were abducted by pirates off the coast of Nigeria
Business - Economy
11/11/2012 4:16:00 PM
Deputy General Attorney reveals that $1.8 billion in appropriated funds and lands have been recovered, with another $9 billion on the horizon
Heritage - Ancient Egypt
7/18/2012 6:36:11 PM
Recent video claiming to show ancient artefacts pilfered from Egyptian Museum during last year's uprising is 'fabrication,' museum officials tell Ahram Online
Heritage - Ancient Egypt
4/10/2012 7:31:06 PM
In response to concerns about raids on the site, the antiquities ministry has sent a committee to inspect the area
World - International
3/24/2012 11:47:29 AM
Soldiers looted petrol stations and hijacked cars in Mali's capital Bamako on Friday, 48 hours after a military coup, and the African Union said it had assurances that President Amadou Toumani Toure was safe
Arts & Culture - Visual Art
2/1/2012 2:44:14 PM
Germany this week returned an ancient pre-Islamic sculpture looted during Afghanistan's civil war, giving hope to Kabul's cultural mavens that the rest of its stolen treasures will also make their way home
Arts & Culture - Stage & Street
11/27/2011 10:27:43 AM
Moammar Gaddafi's forces tried to flee Tripoli with a sack of ancient Roman artifacts in the hope of selling them abroad to help fund their doomed fight, claim Libya's new leaders who displayed the recovered objects Saturday
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