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Al-Ahram Weekly - World
4/30/2020 12:55:00 PM
Africa’s young population may prove resilient against the coronavirus, but malnutrition could be the nail in the continent’s coffin
World - International
12/30/2019 2:23:16 PM
The programme aimed to feed up to 500 orphans and infants of working mothers in the Muslim-majority country, which has high rates of child malnutrition and stunted growth
Al-Ahram Weekly - Egypt
11/27/2019 12:00:00 AM
On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child Nesmahar Sayed speaks with Bruno Maes, UNICEF’s representative in Egypt
Egypt - Politics
2/25/2019 4:58:40 PM
A campaign to tackle obesity, anaemia and nutritional stunting among school students has been rolled out
World - International
2/15/2019 7:00:02 PM
World - Region
12/11/2018 6:18:02 PM
Life & Style - Health
10/18/2018 1:47:20 PM
UNICEF Egypt marked World Food Day by putting a spotlight on malnutrition in the country, underlining that the problem is preventable
Year End Issue - World
1/9/2018 10:03:07 PM
The assassination of Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen capped a year steeped in violence, malnutrition, disease and political and military stalemate.
Opinion -
11/20/2016 8:46:58 AM
According to a report issued by CAPMAS, 85 per cent of Egypt's population lives in difficult conditions of poverty, illiteracy and malnutrition. This is a timebomb that could explode at any moment
Life & Style - Health
10/26/2016 1:30:12 PM
800 million people live in hunger around the globe and more than 2 billion people suffer from micro-nutrient deficiency
Life & Style - Health
7/2/2016 12:18:38 PM
"biofortification" aims at getting staple foods fortified with health-improving vitamins and minerals to 1 billion people in the developing world by 2030
Life & Style - Health
6/14/2016 2:59:21 PM
According to the report, malnutrition is responsible for nearly half of all deaths of children under five worldwide and, together with poor diets, is the number one driver of disease
Opinion -
3/14/2016 10:38:50 AM
World - International
2/22/2016 7:05:25 PM
World - Region
1/30/2016 12:18:40 PM
World - Region
1/15/2016 4:26:27 PM
World - International
12/8/2015 8:41:20 PM
Life & Style - Health
12/1/2015 2:10:55 PM
Egypt - Politics
5/10/2015 7:12:00 PM
A new Egypt Demographic and Health Survey report reveals a number of problems centred around poor nutrition
Life & Style - Health
1/30/2014 11:46:48 AM
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