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World - Region
8/11/2020 11:19:57 AM
Judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili said one of the convicts, Massud Mossaheb, had been 'spying for (Israeli spy agency) Mossad and Germany in the guise' of the general secretary of the Austrian-Iranian Society
World - Region
8/11/2020 10:38:23 AM
Just over two weeks later, the industrial chemicals went up in a massive blast that obliterated most of the port and swathes of the capital, killed at least 163 people, injured 6,000 and destroyed 6,000 buildings
Egypt - Politics
8/10/2020 9:10:01 PM
World - Region
8/6/2020 5:39:58 PM
Egypt - Politics
8/5/2020 2:26:02 PM
The foreign ministry earlier on Wednesday said two Egyptians were killed in the blast and another was missing, before the third person was confirmed dead by the Egyptian embassy
Egypt - Politics
8/5/2020 12:36:57 PM
On Tuesday, a massive explosion at Beirut's port resulted in the death of at least 100 people and the injury of more than 4,000
World - Region
8/5/2020 11:04:44 AM
World - Region
8/5/2020 10:27:20 AM
World - Region
8/4/2020 12:42:41 PM
Hariri's assassination prompted mass protests in Beirut and a wave of international pressure which forced Syria to end its 29-year military presence in Lebanon after the UN investigator linked it with the bombing
Egypt - Politics
8/3/2020 1:28:55 PM
The Church said the decision to gradually reopen churches is the result of the reduced infection and death rates from the Coronavirus that the country has been witnessing in the past few weeks
World - International
8/3/2020 9:05:00 AM
Some 30 militants involved in the attack on the prison, where some 2,000 prisoners were held, according to Sohrab Qaderi, a lawmaker in the capital of Nangarhar province
Egypt - Politics
7/26/2020 8:10:13 PM
World - International
7/25/2020 11:25:23 AM
World - Region
7/24/2020 1:53:35 PM
Arts & Culture - Music
7/19/2020 7:01:09 PM
Egypt re-launched culture activities two weeks ago after a four-month suspension amid the coronavirus shutdown
World - International
7/17/2020 7:58:08 PM
World - International
7/17/2020 3:29:01 PM
World - International
7/16/2020 12:16:49 PM
The first human trial of the vaccine, a month-long test on 38 people, ended this week. Researchers concluded that it is safe for use and induces an immune response, though the strength of that response is as yet unclear
World - Africa
7/13/2020 11:15:00 AM
On Friday the latest and third mass demonstration held since protests began in early June turned violent, with police firing gunshots toward demonstrators, some of whom had occupied state buildings in Bamako
World - International
7/13/2020 10:49:26 AM
The lawsuit was filed by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on Wednesday in a federal court in Boston
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